Backlog Obstinate Cacophony 8762846

Backlog Obstinate Cacophony 8762846




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Cheater cheater pumpkin eater…

I’m hoping my BOC drought will be vanquished today! I need more crap!

In and out of the VOP - Whee!

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VOP, not looking good.

My computers been buzzing all morning and I don’t get a notification for this item?!?!

Made it to “Yanked”.

oh boy!!! can’t wait for the disappointment

LET ME IN!!! Come on VOP…just this once.

I played and won! I now know not to give up in the vestibule!

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Gah! It let me through the VOP and then it asked me to retype my CC#!!! By the time I entered it, the BOC was gone… :frowning:

You say that now, you’ll soon find out how much you lost once you open your crap.


VOP is an order queue that keeps our servers from crashing. A small number of orders go straight through and the rest will go into the queue to wait their turn.

It is possible to come out of the VOP and get a BOC. Do not exit to restart because that puts you at the end of the line.

If the VOP doesn’t kick you out after about 7-8 minutes, you should go ahead and exit.

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Vop’d. Work will be super busy today. Hopefully I can snag a bag at some point. But it is woot, and thus my expectations are -5

Hi friends


:frowning: You all must be so lightning fast. I entered the VOP when it still said 100% and am still waiting here.

Can I refresh the VOP without losing place in line ( should be a yes since i see it refresh on its own, but just checking)

I actually don’t know the answer to that. I agree it should be yes but… this is woot.

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