Bamboo 6-Piece Luxury Sheet Set


Bamboo 6-Piece Luxury Sheet Set


Too much poly to call them bamboo! Only 40% bamboo. 1800 series? What does that even mean? Trying to make people think 1800 thread count.


Show the colors?


Click on Wootbot’s link above and you can see the colors.


Actual colors are not true to images on the site. These are the “taupe” sheets.


The don’t look too good, do they?


I’m very sorry. If you’re unhappy with the sheets, please contact Woot Customer Service for assistance. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.


I haven’t decided yet if I’m unhappy with them. They certainly don’t look like their pictures though.

Thanks for replying.


Yeah, that’s a common problem with online shopping. Photos can vary from the item, monitors can make the colors look different. Sometimes they use color modification rather than actual photos. Lighting can change the color of actual photos. It goes on and on. :confused:


The taupe is a little darker than I was expecting, but I like it just the same. They feel every bit as soft as the Caralaho bambo sheets we have purchased in the past at $239-259 in the islands. And those only had two pillow cases. These are a steal. I wish there were more Queen size. I’d buy several more if I could.


The best bamboo sheets I’ve been able to purchase are all about 40% bamboo. Apparently, if the bamboo content is higher they won’t wear well enough to be practical.


What are the six pieces in the luxury set? @tfishow


Says right on one of the pictures - fitted sheet, flat sheet, 4 pillowcases.