Bamboo 6-Piece Luxury Sheet Set

Bamboo 6-Piece Luxury Sheet Set

Are these the same sheets as these Bamboo Comfort Bamboo Leaf Embossed Sheet Sets from a couple of weeks ago?

I looked at the information on the backend and they don’t seem to be the same company. Not positive though.

Can anyone who purchased these post a review?

How is the weight? Are they Stretchy or taught? And most importantly, do they show any signs of pilling?


They are thin, but comfy. The pillows reminded me of my Grandmother. I just bought an additional set. They are thin, but I know a good deal. This is a good deal.


Sidebar. I bought a king set for my parents and my mother was offended. “That’s personal. You don’t do that.” I then told her she could make masks with the fabric. Try getting that amount of fabric at this cost.


Athynsgeux for the win! Can’t argue that.


These sheets are the best I’ve ever owned. They are super soft and well made. I ordered 3 sets in a Queen size and my family loves them.


Not to be rude, but your mother sounds a bit odd. I mean, she’s seen your private parts…you came out of her vagina, but sheets are too personal??? :woman_facepalming:t2:


I bought 3 sets, and I love them. They are thin, but so soft, and they fit my 15” mattress with ease. No pulling up on the corners, and when they get jumbled while you’re sleeping, they untangle with ease; just a gentle pull.


Bought these the other day. If this deal is the same, I wouldn’t buy them again. They pilled like crazy, I threw them away.

Buyer beware: These are Kathy Ireland sheets inside the packaging. The sheets are not bamboo. The tags on the sheets state that they are 100% polyester.

I ordered gray, but got taupe. Or is this what the company considers gray, if so they need to change it in the listing.

Yeah, not sure I’d call that gray either. Please reach out to Woot! Customer Service.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

These sheets are a bamboo blend, however the amounts and what is blended isn’t listed on the package or tags. These sheets feel like standard thin microfiber, but with a bit of brushed twill softness. Which I’ll assume is the bamboo fibers. So they are soft, but so thin that it’s hard to appreciate. If you’re not at all a sheet snob then you’ll probably like these.

These say to wash cold dry low, I wonder if it is due to the microfiber or bamboo. They will most likely pill, but I expect that from sheets that aren’t 100% cotton or 60/40 hotel blend and less than $30 a set for full. If you don’t know, hotel sheets are usually 60% cotton (of some sort) and 40% polyester. That’s why they can be soft and thick, handle frequent washing, not wrinkle and not sleep too hot.

I was curious to try a bamboo/microfiber blend and since my expectations weren’t too high, I’m not disappointed.

I probably sound like a sheet snob, but I’m not! 10 years ago my first grown up sheets were inexpensive 100% bamboo and they changed my life. I’ve been chasing that high ever since. Unfortunately, bamboo now is either way overpriced (it’s super sustainable & grows fast) or the quality isn’t comparable.

TL;DR these are decent for microfiber, says bamboo blend, are soft but thin. Good deal for cheap sheets but not ideal if you run a bed and breakfast.


You may have received incorrect sheets in your package, the others on here and myself just show Bamboo blend, no Kathy Ireland tags. My sheets are thin but wonderful and soft. I think they will make a terrific summer sheet and if they pill as some said on amazon after several washings that is fine they will last quite a while i’m sure before that happens.

So I ordered these for my mom to replace a set of Bamboo/microfiber sheets (always they are a blend) at a market a few years ago that have started to pill on her. These say bamboo blend (they state on the ad it is a bamboo microfiber blend, 40% bamboo, but even full bamboo will say blend usually) She loved them so much she wanted more. I typically purchase a minimum of 600 thread count pure Egyptian cotton myself and live with the wrinkles from the wash but after receiving these for my mother I loved the soft airy feel enough I have ordered a set for me. I think they will make a great cool summer sheet for myself here in South. I disagree about the bed and breakfast comment, they feel lovely and silky and in the southern heat even with AC there is something to be said for light and airy sheets that feel soft and silky. I don’t mind they won’t last forever, seems to me bamboo blend sheets eventually pill, but my mother usually gets a few years. Oh i did wash them for her in a cool warm water ( they do ask for cool and gentle cycle to prolong the life and a low heat dryer which I did) and they came out of the dryer beautifully, the aqua color is stunning and they fit my 16" mattress with room to spare so I’m sure they will fit my mom’s deep mattress. If not I can take them!

These sheets are soft but they are definitely not cool. Since they are mostly synthetic material they retain heat. I was actually coming on here to update my post.

I do like them a lot actually, and I solved the fitted sheet issue by putting a 100% cotton fitted sheet down first then this fitted sheet. Microfiber fitted sheets tend to move across the mattress but putting the additional sheet below helped prevent that as well as cure the thin issue. My mattress is memory foam, which is known to get warm so the cotton layer helped from getting too hot.

Overall, these are excellent microfiber blend sheets. Probably the best microfiber sheets I’ve experienced. I still don’t think microfiber sheets are comparable to 100% cotton, 100% bamboo or hotel sheets, but they are an absolute deal for king-size sheets. I’m probably going to get another set to keep tucked away in the closet. Woot! On!

Well i haven’t slept with them but I am hoping being so thin and airy they are cooler than my 1000 thread count sheets which i find a bit thick in the Southern summer heat. The microfiber and bamboo should be wick away ( which are qualities of both and why sports clothing is made from microfiber/polyester fabrics and help keep one cooler, so I’ll have to see after your report. I have a traditional cotton pillow top mattress, I don’t think anything would slide on it but I’ll find out about that when i get my own sheets and try them. My mom hasn’t had this problem with her past ones, so hopefully she likes them as much as she has used in past.

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