Barska Biometric Home Safes (Your Choice)

Barska Biometric Home Safes (Your Choice)

I have used the free standing model for years. This is a great deal!

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We had some friends that had the wall safe, and they mounted a large family picture on some hinges so it would be better concealed in “plain sight”.

I’ve had two of the rifle length safes (same fingerprint reader) and have been pretty happy with them. I like that you can store lots and lots of fingerprints, so I have each finger on both hands of me and my wife, so no matter what, we should be able to get into the safe when needed.

Also thought I would mention: this isn’t an ultra secure safe. We use it to keep the kids out, but also to have something accessible if things go bump in the night. Anyone with a crowbar and some determination would be able to get in this thing in under a minute.