Barska Optics & Shooting Gear

So, are these even respectable optics? I haven’t a clue…

They aren’t terrible, but they aren’t going to be great either. You may check for some reviews on whichever specific model you are looking at. They range from terrible to good and everything in between depending on the reviewer’s expectations and shooting experience.

Other than obvious things like the clarity of the sight, the difference in quality is going to be things like how adjustable the sight is, the eye relief…(how far your eye can be from the scope and still have a good sight picture) and most importantly, how well the sight holds zero. Not even worth owning or using a scope if the shock created by firing the weapon platform throws your sight out of whack.

If you want to compare specs, use Leupold sights as the picture of what ‘ideal’ is.

Woot had some illuminated PFI optics awhile back I jumped in on and they were getting insanely good reviews on a some AR-15 forums. I’ve been pleased with those…I keep waiting for it to come around again but hasn’t since.

I purchased the light with laser combo and unfortunately it doesn’t fit the rail on my M&P 40c. You will not be able to use the light/laser with that pistol. I read a bunch of other reviews which seemed to have fit problems on pistols as well without a comprehensive list of compatible firearms. Just keep that in mind if you purchase… It appears to be good quality other than that, but I haven’t shot with it yet to see if it holds zero, but I am assuming that won’t be an issue as I didn’t see any negative reviews concerning that. Good luck.

I’ve got a couple of Barska scopes and I’ve been pleased with the value. Unless you’re planning on making shots at significant distance with minimal light, they are great. Both of mine are on small caliber (.22L) rifles that I’d rarely try to shoot over 100 yards.

The scopes I have hold zero well and have been easy to sight in. I did buy good quality scope rings to mount them, but I don’t think Barska normally includes rings anyway.

i’m sorry woot, but every "BARSKA"anything i’ve ever had(scope,red dot,spotting scope ect)has been a piece of crap(putting it nicely)if you’re gonna buy optics the old rule is"it should cost as much as(or more than) the gun"these scopes are fine for a .22 but if you want a -good- scope for your rem.308 LTR. look elsewhere

Please, Please do not ever show someone even thinking about taking a
shot like that! I hope he/she was just looking and waiting for a better sight picture.
Sorry for the rant, just can’t stand to see such a magnificent animal go to waste.

anyone have any experience with the “benchmark” barska line? How much better glass is it than a typical barska product? budget FFP scopes are rare.


Bought the 5w green laser
Out the box it didn’t work
It is way bigger than it looks the thing is huge.
If I saw it and handled it I wouldn’t have bought it. These are crap products. I’ve bought things from woot I do like but these Barska lasers are crap. And I’m sure the rest of their products are too. I will never purchase another Barska product. Fool me once…
Thanks for taking time to read this buyer beware. And happy plinking

Barska is russian made, and just ho hum on quality. I used to sell very high end precision air rifles when Barska first came to the US. I could have carried the line, but declined. Personally, I would’nt own one.

Oh good grief stop whining, it’s a sales picture.

By the way, the battery (cell) that this unit uses are 2 of the LR44, which is a 1.5 volt alkaline button cell. The silver-oxide counterpart is the SR44, which has a voltage of 1.55 volts, which might not make it safe to use in this unit.

I just received the light laser combo for my pellet gun. Laser worked great but the flash light did not work. Set it on my desk, planning to get another battery the next day. It blew up at 4:00 am waking my wife and I, filled the room with a un-breathable smoke. The lamp and glass lense is gone and the reflector is black. I would say these are dangerous

This is a stupid rule. I’ve seen it thrown around here quite a bit. Price makes no difference in whether a scope is a good thing to mount on your rifle. It’s all about research and specs. First of all, the SWFA SS scopes are spectacular scopes and they cost less than most new “.308” firearms. So right off the bat, we have an example of why this is a stupid thing to say. Also, you could spend a couple grand on a scope, have a $500 gun and with this rule think “awesome, it costs more than my gun, I’m a superbeing.” Then you find out the scope doesn’t fit your application and you really should have gotten a much cheaper scope, like a $150 Nikkon hunting scope that doesn’t have a lot of adjustment capabilities but holds its zero like nobody’s business, or you bought expensive glass that doesn’t have the adjustment/range capabilities you require.

Stop throwing around the price rule. That’s asinine.

I got mine yesterday. The laser works well, but the electro sight doesn’t come on. Checked the battery & it was ok, but it wouldn’t turn on. I’m returning it.

Barska AU11005 Tactical Combo, Red Laser and Flashlight is crap. Both units very poor quality. The only nice thing is the mount, which is too small to fit on my scope, too large to fit on my barrel. Allegedly fits on a 12 gauge shotgun…We’ll see. I’d return it but the dog ate the box.