Best Access To Woot? What's your experience?

Has anyone else noticed this?
How do you access Woot, in particular for a woot-off? I know we all covet a BoC, but as I’m trying to get my 2nd ever BoC this year I’ve noticed something odd.

The past few woot-offs I’ve been accessing Woot multiple ways; Official App, via Chrome, and via Firefox. I wanted to see if anyone had a similar experience to mine? In a constant state of REFRESH there has been a noticeable lag.

Items show up 1st on the app, then 90-180 seconds later it will appear on a Chrome refresh. Finally, even after F5’ing for a few minutes the deal will sometimes show up on Firefox. In this, no matter the item, the app will hit Sold Out before the other two options in a similar trickle down fashion.

The Woot! App has been moved over to our new service feed so it is faster than desktop. Desktop will move to our new feed at some point.


thanks for the heads up.

@davejlives TT needs a raise for being a billboard. She’s got to get Zoe some shoes. Make that happen or…um… I’ll tell @Williamdavi. Yeah!


Site sucks. App sucks. Everything sucks. You have to learn to Deal with it.


That’s interesting because I always use the app and often times by the time they appear on the app, the item has already sold a sizeable percentage. Who’s getting the first access and how?

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During a Wootoff, the app has a slight edge. During the last BOC day event, (for the majority of the day) the web users had the edge.

So now, we’re even. And I’m sure in the next wootoff/ event we’ll all be back to complaining about something :sob::rage::triumph::angry::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::sob: THE APP REFRESHED ME TO THE VOP; IT’S NOT FAIR, THE APP USERS GET A HEAD START; HOW COME WEB USERS GET A 14 DAY BOC LIMIT WINDOW? and so on… Because. Woot.

(no, web users do not get a 14 day window)

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You might need to uninstall and then reinstall the app again. Maybe something went wrong when downloading the app. TT should send you a :billed_cap: and shirt :tshirt: just for trying so hard, otherwise :four_leaf_clover: is coming :ok_hand:

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