Bionic Steel Garden Hoses

Bionic Steel Garden Hoses

Does not look safe to drink from.

Fun fact: most hoses contain lead and similar are not safe to drink from.

Unfun fact: many people like me drank from unsafe hoses before figuring that out.


I am a little more concerned about what made itself at home 1/3 up the hose making your water crunchy and tasty. If you can’t wait to try, WOOT has these.
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I went to their site ,, and it looks like you can upgrade the $19.95 25’ hose to a 50’ hose for $7.95 with free shipping. That makes the 50’ hose $27.90 there as opposed to $36.99 on Woot! Am I missing something?

Yes, you are, but I’m not sure how relevant it is. The 50 ft hose on Woot is the “pro” version. It doesn’t seem the bionic hose website has such an item.

The pro version has brass fittings and a valve. Not sure if that’s worth the extra money.

Since the last time one of these was posted here and I commented about it, I’ve discovered that my mother bought one of these and I got to take a closer look at it.

My suspicion was correct – their claim of 5/8" inner diameter may be for the steel jacket, but it’s certainly not the inner diameter of the thin plastic (probably vinyl) tubing that actually carries water. Don’t expect to use a tool or sprinkler that needs a high water flow. Even a simple garden sprayer performs poorly with this hose.


Don’t these get extremely hot sitting in the sun?

Seems kinda stupid to buy a hose that has a 90 day warranty. You can find multiple hoses at home depot more with lifetime warranties that are about 5 to 10 dollars more.

Yeah, I noticed a while back when these “wonder hoses” first became available, that they all seem to come with a CA Prop 65 warning for lead, and a warning to not drink from them :grimacing:

I have a similar ⅝” hose from Sunjoe. I like it, but ⅝” is not at all like ¾” flow. If you need max flow, ⅝” may not be enough

I drink from the hose all the time, it’s not any worse than the water fountains at my high school that were full of lead.

As long as you’re not drinking water that’s been standing in the hose for hours you’re just fine. There’s no way the water flow will pick anything up from the hose while it’s rushing through as there’s not enough contact time. But who drinks warm stale water from the hose anyway?

I’ll tell you who. Toddlers.