Biscotti Goddess Variety Packs (4)

Biscotti Goddess Variety Pack, Set of 4
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24 Sticks Total (6 Flavors x 4 Variety Packs)
Cherry Chocolate Chip
Double Chocolate
Lemon Poppy
Orange Cranberry
Toffee Pecan
Vanilla Almond


I’ve honestly NEVER had a biscotti in my entire life. NEVER.

I see them served at coffee shops. Are they for dunking/eating with coffee?

Are they kinda like scones or cookies?

I love a good biscotti but its hit and miss with a lot of variables such as altitude, humidity, recipe, and items added such as fruits or nuts. You get one stale bite with some disgusting sugared fruit and it turns you off. Maybe we can get some reviews from someone who has tried these to help determine if we really need a 30 dollar bag of cookies.

You are correct according to Wikipedia ( The site mentions “Since they are very dry, biscotti traditionally are served with a drink, into which they may be dunked.”

Forgive my priggishness, but “biscotti” is plural. One cookie is a “biscotto.”

Who eats just one ?

Our biscotti are not as hard as traditional biscotti. We say that you if you chip a tooth on our biscotti you had dental problems before eating it.

Our biscotti goes great with wine (especially Orange Cranberry), coffee (all of the flavors) or a glass of milk (e.g., Cherry Chocolate Chip).

It is just a twice-baked cookie - think of it as “crunchy cake”

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These are REALLY good for dipping in your coffee (haven’t tried it with wine).

We have wineries that use our Orange Cranberry biscotti as a palate cleanser when tasting wines.

WD or BiscottiGoddess, any predictions on shipping time? (Will it be on the longer end, as in the usual Wine.Woot, or kinda quick for Woot, as in the surprises that show up after just a week?)

Not that I would hold anyone to their prediction, just trying to get a read on whether this could arrive before I leave for vacation in early June.

we’ll get these in early next week and ship that same week. Remind me where you are located (you can PM me if you want).

East Coast – NYC, to be exact.

Thanks for the info, David.

At Biscotti Goddess, we use the best ingredients we can to make our handmade biscotti.

We use real eggs (crack every one of them!) and ingredients like Callebaut chocolate and Valrhona cocoa.

There are no preservatives, artificial colors or high fructose corn syrup like you will find in mass-produced biscotti.

All our ingredients are non-GMO!

Ah home made Biscotti, a Christmas eve tradition of the Rinaldi clan. Heaven