Blue Microphones USB Mics

Last time Woot had these mics for sale I got hold of the Yeti Pro. It came in a white-box, with all the normal cables, manuals, etc. I use it with GarageBand on an iMac running 10.6.8. It handles vocal recordings splendidly, and I couldn’t be happier with it.

I noticed some reviews on other websites talking about how the output is low, but the gain settings on mine are in fact very sensitive, and I can get exactly the right amount of loudness I want with tweaking the gain nob on the back to prevent clipping, and getting the track levels where they need to be in GarageBand without overloading the channel.

The fidelity of this mic is beyond any comparison I can do myself - I’ve used dynamic and active condenser mics before, but the ability to change the mic pattern with so many options, plus the fact it is both USB and XLR compatible make it a fantastic value at Woot’s price. I bought a 3 yr warranty at Squaretrade for about $15 (with a 35% off coupon code), and look forward to many years of vocal recording and podcasting.

On a side note, the audio quality of the monitor jack is excellent as well. It utilizes Core Audio so there is hardly any latency (I couldn’t notice it myself) if any.

I love how sensitive this mic is, but I hate it too because it picks up EVERYTHING. I could hear my daughter’s iPad playing the Little Mermaid 2 rooms away in my house this thing is so sensitive. I plan on buying a halo stand for it to take away some of the vibration if possible - but if you have accompaniment music playing along with singing, you’d never know it was there unless it’s something like a plane flying over or a Harley driving by.

oh my word…i was JUST looking at the previous sale of these, wishing i had gotten a yeti pro last time.

thanks for reading my mind, woot!

I waited around since the last Blue Mics sale ended, hoping Woot would re-list these. Eventually I gave up and bought the Snowball and Ringer combo pack on Amazon and it came in yesterday. Just my luck.

Who is this refurbished by? That would make all the difference in the world.

I was talking to a couple folks from Blue toda, err, yesterday, and when I had mentioned Woot, they did state that it’s their own B-Stock…

Thanks WOOT! Just picked up a gloss black Snowball on Amazon for $69. I could’ve gotten a Yeti for $10 less. Oy.

Is this a good deal or should I wait for a new one? :frowning:

It’s a good deal, but their new Blue Nessie mic with all sorts of cool features (various type of adaptive processing, built in pop filter and shock mount, etc) comes out in a few weeks with a $100 MSRP (so probably lower than that for the street price). If you’re looking to use a mode other than cardoid, though, then go with the Yeti.

Since Woot ships with USPS and they take their sweet little time, I just got my Mic this Friday. I opened it up and I do not see a SUB cable. So I am currently using an old cable that came with my Garmin GPS from years ago. It is short as a mother :confused:

Sorry about that. You might contact Blue to see if they can ship you out a USB cable. If not, email for assistance.