Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android & iOS

$17 smartwatch sends something to random Chinese IP address

Pretty high chance this thing is absolute junk. I mean, Woot didn’t even both doing a real write up on the product. It’s pretty clear they copy and pasted a very poor attempt at a Google translate from a Chinese website.

I feel like this is some government project. sell cheap smartwatches to american capitalists. I’ve seen The Kingsmen.
Filthy decadent american fools! they cannot resist a good deal… soon we will have our watch on every wrist in america!!! MUHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!

Sweet! In the old days we were worried about sneaky foreign spies, and now we’re happy to pay for the privilege. This is progress!

Last time I bought a cheap smartwatch from Woot, it was a brick right out of the box.

I called tech support, and they insisted I tell them what operating system my computer had. “It won’t even turn on. It’s dead.” Nope. They had to know what OS I would connect it to, if it weren’t a dead weight.

They finally relented, and sent me another brick.

Cheap smartwatches are the worst. The companies suck titannically.

Walmart web site shows ‘‘exact’’ same watch…same drawings/photos. Same price $14.99 but with free shipping
Sold & shipped by Generation Marketing

Does NOT appear to be an iOS compatible device.

The manual references android several times, including one feature that is android only, but never references iOS, even in app installation.

“Hello, customer support for cheap watch that transmits to random IP address in China.”

“My watch stopped working.”

“Our records show you last used it to check your bank balance at Bank of America, and before that you bought some hemorrhoid crème from CVS. For the third time in the last two months.”

“WHAT? You have my personal information?”

“All your base are belong to us.”

Up to $16.99 at Walmart. The word must be getting out.

Vendor confirmed that it works with iOS.

I have 2 of these. Bought them from another retailer for about the same price, BUT when I bought them I was looking for something for my wee one could wear that I could send him texts on, do google locate on, etc. Like the more expensive ($150) Disney watch. WHat I DIDNT understand at the time, was that this didn’t have a sim card slot, so useless for MY purpose. Eventually I got one of these WORKS AMAZING!!! However Now, a years later my wife is starting to ask questions about smart watches, so Im going to dig into my desk and find them. The watches themselves did what they advertised. the ONLY downfall was the battery seemed a tad weak. Since I was experimenting with it to see what it would and wouldn’t do, it never seemed to last “the whole day.” Now for me, a whole day is: I plug it in to charge over night, then I expect a watch, to last at LEAST until I go to bed that night. These didn’t make it that long, but again maybe I was using them “outside” of their ‘typical days use’

Not really much of a price-deal, anyway.

I bought one in Korea same model and the band was the weakest point for regular wear. I would not buy this item again. The screen also popped out of place. I super glued it back in and it works good for listening to music with Bluetooth as long as it is within 3 feet of the headphones receiver.

Don’t buy can’t even down load the app, waste of money

Total waste of money and the time I messed with it. It’s now in lake Erie!

I️ can’t get iOS app either

Should’ve known!
I know, $14.99 right? Well it can’t really do much without a SIM card and like a previous Wooter said, ios isn’t stated anywhere in the manual and I’ve looked in the App Store but found nothing. It’s ok Woot, you are STILL one of my favorite shopping choices. I check you daily for deals and so you know, you have the BEST t-shirts!!

I bought 3 on 12/9/2016 when woot had them at $19.99 ea.

Total Junk. Not even little kid worthy. You will be disappointed. I finally gave them away.

Oh yeah, should mention that AT&T turned down their 2G network last year. T-Mobile is also shutting down their 2G network.
Verizon’s 2G network is CDMA, so forget about that too - and they are shutting it down as well.

False advertising. I knew that there was a 99 % chance this thing would be useless but I took a chance anyway. Unless you have twenty bucks to throw away don’t waste your money. Not compatible with iPhone. Maybe it works better with Android devices but if you want a true Smartwatch save your money and buy an Apple or Samsung device. I’m not angry, just warning everyone.