Bosch 12V Li-Ion Compact Jobsite Radio

Bosch 12V Li-Ion Compact Jobsite Radio

No Bluetooth?

Also, since this comes up every time these get posted, no battery. The batteries for this cost as much as the radio if you don’t already have them.

I feel like the title is always misleading when these get posted. It should say something like 12V Li-Ion (compatable) Jobsite Radio.

this comes up every month or two. the bosch 12v system doesn’t have much coverage in this country. i have some i bought a few years ago so i have charger & batteries. i think this used to be up at $39 so $29 is more tempting.

problem is that my charger and batteries are on a the other coast and I’m not sure when I’ll ever get back there.

a good price anyway, but yes this is an old model without bluetooth. only buy if you have the system with batteries already. preferably in the same location you are.

So … it’s a radio with an mp3 jack.

I guess the “jobsite” thing makes it more acceptable for men who need their masculinity validated? Too bad this wasn’t a “tactical” radio. All the gun-fetishists and army guy survivalist cosplayers would get one.


Needs to be a battery charger and have bluetooth…