Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones - Your Choice

Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones - Your Choice

I’m sure most people have tried these in the store before, but for anyone who hasn’t, these things are worth their weight in gold for anyone who flies frequently or works in a noisy office environment. I’ve owned three other brands of noise cancelling headphones (of various quality), and none even approach the effectiveness of these. I find that a lot of other brands seem to ‘mask’ the surrounding noise by playing soft white noise along with the music. But if you turn them on just for the quietness, you still hear that white noise. With these, when you turn them on, it just goes silent, whether you’re playing music or not.

The noise cancelling feature is the obvious draw to these, but on top of that, they’re incredibly comfortable. I regularly wear mine through an 8 hour workday or on transatlantic flights without them hurting my head or ears. I also find the audio quality to be fairly neutral and accurate which I highly prefer to the ‘overly bassy’ trend that seems to be prevalent in headphones like Beats. I’d still buy these if Beats were half price.

Edit: I should add, the above is based on the QuietComfort 25s. I’ve used the 15s extensively and found them to be similar for noise cancelling and sound quality, but not quite as comfortable. (personal preference)

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I’ve recently bought the new model QC35’s and similarly they are the most comfortable pair of headphones I’ve ever owned, with basically anything else having been uncomfortable after just 2 hours tops (I wear these at work up to 8 a day now).
I wonder are these wired or wireless with a optional wire? My QC35 are Bluetooth and come with a little wire to use off wireless for better battery life. Searching the Mothership it also seems like there was an Apple version and an Android version. This one says it comes with a lightning cable (Apple?). Seeing as how I am looking to buy this for an android user I need to know if there’s a difference.

EDIT: Reading up some reviews, these must be an Apple version that comes with the Lightning cable adapter. The wire otherwise is just a normal headphone jack that works on android, you just can’t use the controls on the wire with an Android device. Quote per BOSE rep I found online:
“, the QC25 uses a standard 3.5 mm audio connector. The “Apple” designation refers to the microphone built-in to the cable. If you have a newer iPhone that doesn’t feature a 3.5 mm headphone jack, you can use the iPhone’s Lightning to 3.5 mm adapter to enjoy the QC25. The QC25 would connect to the adapter, and then adapter would go into your phone’s Lightning charging port.”

I had the QC15s and they would not work as standalone headphones. You have to use them with the battery so if your battery dies and you don’t have a spare, you can’t use the headset. Also, if you have a battery leakage and are unable to successfully clean it up, the headphones are useless.

Either way: when not in use, I suggest that you remove the battery. I bought a new set of QC25s to bring to the hospital with me (had major surgery and was in for 7 days) but was too sick to use them during my stay. When I got home, the battery (Energizer, a real brand, not a cheap battery) had exploded inside the headset and after getting it out of there, the noise cancelling no longer works. My bad for not removing the battery but I had other things on my mind. They’re great headphones though.

Edited to add: And yes, i tried the qtip with rubbing alcohol and other things that people online have suggested to no avail.

QC25 is one of the most comfortable pairs of headphones I’ve ever used. They are worth WAY WAY more than $156 for what you get. Sadly, I will never go back to wired headphones. Those days are done. If that’s not a deal breaker for you, get them. All the good things you’ve heard are true.

I remember the Bose QC15’s going for a king’s ransom on eBay not too long ago because I thought they were discontinued. Anyway that aside, I own multiple headphones, including the Bose QC25’s. Very lightweight, small, minimal, compact design. VERY comfy, no ear strain, no head strain from the headband. Travel in a flat, compact form. I bought them for my Dad as a gift and he raved about them before he fell in love with the new QC35 wireless blutooth cans. I ended up buying him a pair of QC35’s a year later and I wore them in secret leading up to his birthday before I traded him for his old ones. My Dad bought one of those BT adapters made specifically for the QC25 so I inherited those as well and I use them everyday at work. I work in a science lab with lots of fume hoods, freezers, and centrifuges that make up a considerable white noise and the QC25 makes it all go away.

I also own a pair of Audio Technica ATH-m50XBL which used to be my main, now I use them only in quite situations like my house or a library, they are heavier, slightly sweatier, and corded, but still I give those a 9/10 overall. The Bose may not have the audio fidelity of the AT’s, but the NC makes even a noisy cafeteria feel like I’m eating lunch in a sound proofed closet.