Bose TriPort Headphones


[imgleft][/imgleft] Wednesday, November 09, 2005


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Qualilty posts, in quantity:
[]p2 wannklees posts a link to the Amazon page for this item
]p2 triswarkentin “highly recommend(s) Bose headphones”
[]p3 ilovereality has the Epinions review page
]p3 Butter says amazing sound, flimsy contruction
[]p3 ztrawhcs thinks these 'phones are nice but not worth the money
]p4 according to MBro “most Bose bashers haven’t even tried 'em”
[]p4 wtrew says “quality” but “overpriced”
]p4 jaschalip says “worst woot I have seen EVER”
[]p4 BiNiaRiS, who has owned a pair of these for 3 years, agrees that “these headphones aren’t for pure audiophiles” but likes the bass response, closed design, and comfort
]p4 clear4dep says “very nice headphones…these things sound AMAZING”
[]p5, drrosen21 proclaims " There is, literally, nothing that is made by Bose that I would ever want to own…At 1/10 their retail prices, Bose products might be worth it."
]p6 tdavis21484 says “My goal IS to bash Bose”


if these came with a “tri-force” rather than a “tri-port” i would buy 3 of them in a heart beat. tri-forces are kick-ass.

call me ganandorf, but 120 bucks is alot for me to spend on some headphones that i will end up smashing to bits the next time i get killed in my leetzor game. i guess there is always tommorrow night

those of you who can afford it, i say go for it. those of you who cant afford it, try selling yourself for the extra cash. when that fails (which it undoubtedly will) try selling your wife. ( in no way approves this message).

my 2 rio grande’s are scheduled for delivery tomorrow, CANT WAIT!!



I have 2 sets, nothing to scream about, like my shure’s better.
Good woot none the less, somebody who isn’t a music or sound nut will enjoy these.

first Woot post, and I am second one in…bonus :slight_smile:




Sennheiser for life !


Nice but, what is the sound quality on these?

Wish they were the active noise cancelling ones. :frowning:


Too much for me. And I needed headphones…


for $19 yes, for $119 no


Good Headphones, still pricey, but I still use and like mine.


Nice Woot for real.


“Can you hear woot now?”


What i cant hear you… Too much for me goodnight


Mahatma Gandhi



Wow. $120 headphones. They’ll go great with my $30 MP3 player! :slight_smile:


nice but I am looking for a little cheaper ones that have a with a mike


okay, but not worth the money. goodnight!


woot-venge! paybacks for all the hysterical hypocrites! But the headphones look nice! Prepare to Woot, enemy!!!

Seriously, just take a short break. It’s really not worth the trouble.


over $100 for headphones??? No thanks!


bleh too $$$ drop it too 80 then we’ll talk.