Bounty of Candy

Wow that was crappy

ARGH … so close >_<

So close I could taste it! Damn you

Got 1

Probably my best chance ever at a BOC, and still nunya.

Curses, I wasn’t signed in to my Woot account when this popped up!

Saw it at 44% and I knew that was too slow :stuck_out_tongue:

fast… so… fast…


And me not signed in. :frowning:

That went incredibly fast

And I can think of a few other words to describe it!

Delicious, delicious crap.

I finally thought I had won…but the hourglass just sat there spinning…now I sit in the corner sobbing.

Dern it… a split-second too slow!

NOOO! Not on Sellout.Woot! This is the site where products usually go to die.

What, were there two bags?

It was in my cart…it was there, I swear.
No Braids of Cheese for me :frowning:

Yes, got one and was the first sucker!