Braun Food Processor

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This is fantastic piece of machinery and great price too. I can get it in the store for $150. I have owned this machine for over 7 years. Absolutely no issues. Works like a charm. Worth every penny. I even bought another one into my commercial kitchen at school. If you need this machine, snatch it. you won’t regret it. Slices, shreds, whips and chops. Great for kugels and chumus!

Please tell me that chumus is not a combination of chum and hummus…

“Chumus” is the Hebrew/Arabic way of pronouncing “Hummus” - using the throat-clearing “ch” sound.

$109.99 tonight
Former food industry person Angie, now blogs, likes it

This blogger noted it’s 5 years old and a discontinued item, but thinks you can find parts to replace if needed from Braun’s list of suppliers

Is there any warranty on this item? On other websites, reviewers note that this Braun is no longer made, parts are available, but limited and repairs (if needed) are next to impossible. Thanks!

At the bottom of the Features tab, you’ll see it has a 1-year Braun warranty.

Now, go buy 3! :happy:

My girlfriend got me this food processor for my birthday last year and we use it several times a week, every week in the kitchen. It has dramatically increased our recipe capabilities in the kitchen. I even use this as a mixer for pizza dough when I’m too lazy to knead it by hand., and we no longer buy shredded cheese with all its potato starch nonsense cause we shred our own cheese using this too.

I have been using this model for 3+ years. Great food processor. It seems better than our previous Cuisinart, since it will hold liquid and juice citrus. I lived in Phoenix for a few years and my Braun must have juiced a thousand lemons and oranges.

I jumped on this! While living in Europe I’ve had and used a Braun Combimax (previous name for this machine) for five years, but I’m headed back to the US where it won’t work. So pleased to have found one for my US kitchen and to be able to pass on my Euro model to a good friend who is looking forward to using it.

Have had one for around 5 years. Love it and it still works like a champ. Great for shredding potatoes for hash & potato pancakes and making a delicious pesto.

Braun appliancea left the USA market some time ago. I found out last year while looking for replacement parts.

Does this work as a blender? Will is crush ice for slush type beverages?

I’ve only ever seen one of these on the sims. They sure were worth the money in the sims. :slight_smile: hmmm…

Seriously, consider the possibilities of having one in real life, not just virtually! All your food can be processed, and not in a high fructose corn syrup blue dye number two kinda way. :smiley:

I have had one of these for about four years now and it’s the best food processor I’ve ever owned. Works great, big capacity, very quiet, no problems at all. This is a great price for it, too. If I didn’t already have one I’d jump on this.

was announced about 4pm CDT yesterday that braun was suspended without pay for 65 games… what???.. oh… never mind… (hehehe)…

I got mine yesterday but I’m having trouble getting it to work.

Does anyone else have issues trying to get this thing to work?

I looked at the FAQ page and the manual. I think the safety switch at the top may be broken. When I push the switch manually it doesn’t click. A posting online said it should click.

It looks really nice and all of the attachments are awesome, but this kinda sucks. I was all set to make some hummus last night.