Breville Milk Café Frother

Have one of these at the office and at home it is great. Easy to use, easy to clean. Works great, it gets a work out at the office and keeps on going. i gave over 130.00 for the first one so this is a bargain.

I wondered if there was a product that would be able to froth milk, other than an espresso machine. I picked up an aeropress and the only thing missing from a latte is that foamy goodness. Maybe I will pick one up.

Don’t forget to head over to selloutwootplus! and pick up a matching cappuchino machine!!!

YES! I’ve been wanting one of these. I’ve been using hand-held frothing wands and microwaved soymilk, and at the rate people keep going through my kitchen tool drawer and saying “What’s this? Some kind of sex toy?” and playing with them, which inevitably results in bending the wires or jamming the battery compartment permanently shut, this will pay for itself within a year. Reviews suggest it’s finnicky to get started but easy to clean. Sounds doable.

$151.99, no reviews at Macy’s vs. $59.99 tonight

$149.99 Best Buy:

$129.95 with 2 good reviews at Chef’s Catalog

Support page:

including multiple links, including milk frothing chart:

Product page:

one website w/complaints about this:

Where is that?

I have a capresso frothing machine I paid about the same for. If I could do it all over over again I think I would have gone for this.

The capresso is okay, but I’m not raving happy with it.

Go to Sellout’s main page and scroll down a bit. You’ll see the Plus deals there. One is Coffee(Is so good).

All the sites have Plus deals.

Does this actually steam the milk, or does it just heat and mix?

Is the consistency better than the aerolattes? How close to something from a coffee shop? The aerolattes never seemed to get quite as nice of a consistency as the steamed milk at a coffee shop.

This does not steam milk. You’ll need a real espresso machine for that. You can also buy a stovepot boiler with a steam wand but anyway you cut it, steaming looks fussy and hard.

I have been comparing reviews of frothers lately, and had put this model in my AMZN wishlist but guess I’m taking it off now. In for one.

A very positive review from the trustworthy ladies at Seattle Coffee Gear: Crew Review: Breville Milk Cafe Frother - YouTube - I’m in for one.

Seems very enticing, can I use this to make espresso? By mixing milk, instant coffee and sugar? if it is, then I am in for one.

Maybe you mean “cappuccino” as an espresso is just a strong black coffee pressed out by water.

Maybe you could find your description of that drink on a menu at White Castle! I know I would need about 10 tablespoons of instant coffee to even attempt to drink this!o!

EDIT: By espresso, I meant capuccino as I am no coffee afficionado but I like to stop by at starbucks occasionaly. Also, I love my Breville oven I got last time, so this might be a good addition in my already cramped kitchen .é-Fother/dp/B004RCNJ9Q/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1351421729&sr=8-13&keywords=milk+frother

Amazon…$92-$129 with four stars lots of reviews

My bad…ahem… four and a half stars

I’m so excited to see this on here! I’ve had this in my Amazon wish list for ages (linked from Williams-Sonoma), and could never justify the $130 price tag. I cannot wait to make hot chocolate and chai with this!

Watch It In Action

If you can get past all the senseless chatter and laughing this is a fairly good video of the product working. Also allows you to see how long it takes to do it’s job.

Good demo of product but the chatter is really punishing. :frowning:

Using the steam wand on an espresso machine is neither fussy nor hard, although I admit it looks intimidating if you haven’t tried it. Plus, you can control how much foam you want.

Personally I’d be in for this at about $20, and then only because my wife refuses to learn to steam milk for herself, but not at $60.

I also have a powerful reluctance to add any more single purpose gadgets to my kitchen.