Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Seat

Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Seat

Being electric I’m guessing it’s about 1800 PSI?

And for those without a sense of humour that’s a pressure washer joke… although the name does say 1400? So 1400 is the PSI rating

A $400 bidet listed in Tools and Garden, Woot? You’ve fallen so far…

Of course the painfully obvious response is:

“Well, I’m waiting for the gas powered model.”

(Sorry TT, I’ll behave, I promise.)

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This seems like a luxury item but it might mean my elderly Mom can comfortably stay with me. I am comparing this to a TOTO version and can’t seem to find why they cost so much more. Any ideas why? Is it a better product? Anybody bought this and regrets it? Thanks!

as always, my favorite woots.
The universal truth of Bidets:
Non-Bidet owners think they’re odd.

Bidet owners never want to live without one.

Only in America, land of modernity and technology…and 99% of the country still uses “covered wagon” toileting technology.

I have had an older version this model with no issues. It’s a great model, and I don’t think I’d buy another one with less features. It looks like they added a few features like the nightlight in this model.
I’m not sure it will make completely resolve an eldercare issue. But it might make things a bit easier.
Its certainly a nice seat, and I’ll definitely get another one when mine wears out.

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Toto adds features like auto open/close and premisting of bowl to keep it cleaner.

I have both a Brondell and a Biobidet and both are excellent. The Brondell 3-yr warranty is very good. If Either of my seats broke I would replace them immediately…don’t know if I’d wait for a bidet to surface on woot before I replaced.
You’ll wonder how you lived without one for so long.