BSN N.O. XPLODE 2.0, 50 servings

I have used this product pre workout, and I really noticed a difference in number of reps/length of workout. Helped a lot. Would not suggest using it long term without a break.


Is it vegetarian?

Yeah it’s made from vegetarians!

Contains animal body fluids

Great deal for this but i still wouldn’t get it for myself there’s much better pwo’s out there but if you like BSN then it’s about 10 bucks cheaper than anywhere i can find…

I don’t mind humorous comments now and then but let’s keep it classy folks.

I have to do something to get ready for this summer. Put this to use, and then 3 months later I’m off to vegas to show it off.
“Look at that body…look at that body…look at that body. I workout!”

Great reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at

“Excellent” reviews (8.5 out of 10.0) over at

Y.E.S. XPLODE 1.0 had… side effects. namely, explosions.

Soylent Green?

This stuff makes a great topping for my Brogurt!

Great pre workout. definitely noticed more energy and focus. went up some on (assisted) chin ups.

$12.40 cheaper than my go-to cheap suplement website,

ETA: Beta alanine gives some people the itchies, to some degree. I notice a slight itching on the back of my neck and middle of my back. My friend itches horrendously all over his body.

I lift things up and put them down.
Until I Xplode apparently.

I’ve used this on and off for a while. Though I should note that I’m an MMA fighter, not a body builder. So I can’t really give advice for future beefcakes! Here are some things to consider:

  • It works. Not the “I think it’s working” placebo-effect thing. You WILL be buzzed and feel like you want to run head first through all of the dry wall in your house the first couple of times you use it.

  • Do not start with the full dose unless your normal workout routine is in your bathroom. Start with a half dose and work your way up.

  • This cherry-limeade flavor is discounted for a reason. Don’t expect to enjoy this beverage. I’ve personally found orange and watermelon to be decent though.

  • A lot of people complain that this product stops working as long/intense and leads to early crashes after using it for a while. Well duh, it is a creatine supplement. Creatine supplements work through through cycling. No, not on your bike. Take it for 2 weeks, stop taking it for 2 weeks, then start over.

  • Finally, if you’re sensitive to caffeine and stimulants, this type of product is way out of your league. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend the gym n00b to be starting with an advanced creatine supplement. Hence my warning about starting with a half dose.

  • And for the love of God…do not take this within 8 hours of your bedtime. (Unless your significant other has been complaining about lack of excitement)

Sounds like something better than “8 Hour Energy” Supplements. Maybe I should try a dose before starting work.

Then buy some of this ! If you take it, then you NO Xplode !

This was the first preworkout(of many) that I tried. I will use a mountain analogy to break it down. Most other preworkouts that I have encountered have a shallow incline with some bumps and flowers, a rather lengthy and drawn out peak, even and exciting, and a steeper, still shallow, descent. NO XPLODE and I have a love hate because the ascent is near vertical and the peak is way up in space, lasts for but a moment, and then the descent you ask, well it is a free fall and I hit hard. I love this product because it gives me more of a beast mode than the actual product called beast mode; however, I dislike this product because I am a train-wreck once it begins to wear off.

Use this for strength training and heave lifting. I do not recommend it if you plan to do any cardio that day.