Bubbling Old Cauldron

Nah - I’m doing fine with the app. No need to increase my competition. They all have the same opportunity. LOL

Since it’s “cancelled” and not “denied” won’t it disqualify me from getting another one for the restriction period? Also, I was on the app. I only use the computer to watch availability. Yes, I am so committed to getting a BOC that I use multiple devices lol

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This will be my fourth BOC… And I’ve been at this since about 2005 or 2006 I think?

I don’t think so?

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I think I was ghosted…

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You’ll find out in 30 days when they have the next Woot-off so that no one can win two in a row. :wink:

Nice. Thanks TT.

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I bought one after trying all day. Woot! I’ll be happy with two pieces of lint if it means getting a full size Woot! Brand rubber ducky that is clearly being made and is not just my delusion still… right? :rubber_duckie: :w_sob:



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Another Venn Diagram


Love the Mom part.

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I’m in if you make one

But what’s the venn diagram for “Put you hand inside the puppet head”

That’d be a a Meh thing.

I want the pictured cauldron.

Don’t you have one in your kitchen?

Got mine yesterday 11/2
3 different cordless chargers in there, some random art paint etc
all an all not a bad crap clearly worth 10 bucks
and one of my craps was a returned item from a guy in Nevada complete
with his return sticker on the package for a charging block battery thingy

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Head over here and share! :smiley:

You should mail it back to him.


got my bag of chickens
its a box full of wireless chargers
lots of wireless chargers! and of course a woot BAG for my crap