Bushnell Image View 8x30 Binocular with 2.1mp Digital Camera

1 Bushnell Image View 8×30 Binocular with 2.1mp Digital Camera

$49.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

pricing for future reference

a perverts dream

If it were a higher megapixel camera, I’d be interested.

When using these, don’t forget to bring a sandwich and warm socks. You might be camped out behind that bush for hours.

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New Bushnell Image View 8×30 Binocular with 2.1mp Digital Camera, for $49.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Bushnell Image View 11-0823clb 8×30 Binocular with 2.1mp Digital Camera

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A little bit of insight from Buzzillions…

Looks nice if I was still into birdwatching…

A little pricey though -.-

these are 150 bucks at bestbuy.

such garbage the pictures are not even really zoomed in…they had this at a Dicks Sporting Goods store, its like binoculars with a camera from a cellphone…and its takes forever just to take 1 pic. people do not waste your hard earned money on this.

Don’t do it.
I have two pairs of these. One is this one, the other cost twice as much from another maker and they’re both junk.

It’s not that they’re badly made or don’t work.
It’s a resolution issue.

I desperately hope someday, someone will come out with a unit that doesn’t suck, because living where I live, I would love to be able to get distance shots.

I get better pictures from my cell phone.

Awesome… Very woot-worthy tech gear.

Does anyone know if when you look into the binoculars themself (selves?) it is a real or digital image? Do you see life as it is through a series of lenses or do you see the processed image like you would if you were looking at the screen?

at least it’s not $132 like amazon


interesting design, bad implementation. i’d want something better than 2.1mp
i’d say this might be a good gift for a child, but that’s a bit of a steep price for something that really wouldn’t be used for anything but the possible safari or birdwatching trip

8 times the distance really doesn’t seem like it’s that far. Am I wrong? Doesn’t really seem like it’s worth it for a 2 Mpixel camera.

bet these will not capture the zoomed image

It’s worse than that. You may as well tape your camera phone to a pair of binoculars, because that’s about what this is. The picture is not shot through the lenses of the binoculars. See the camera lens up front between the binocular lenses (click on the picture). There are models that capture the images as seen through the binocular, but you won’t see it for this price. Save your cash.

Here is a like to Bushnell’s site for these

scroll to the bottom for a faq that answers a few questions asked here.

I’m in for 1 for the hard to buy for in-laws who just happen to be bird watchers.
Hope it is relatively (no pun intended) easy to use, or after Christmas when they
receive this, I’ll become tech support for this gadget.

I bought a similar product from sellout.woot last year, but it had an even worse camera on it. I was so disappointed that the camera doesn’t take pictures through the lens of the binoculars - it really is just like a crappy camera duct taped to a pair of mediocre binoculars. I’d hoped to give it to my parents for Christmas, as they do some amateur birdwatching. But instead it has just sat in my closet for a year now. Blech.

Here’s what I bought last December:

1 out of 5 stars in the specific review for the Bushnell Image View 8x30.