Buslink Direct Encoding MP3/CD Stereo with Touch Screen

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Buslink Direct Encoding MP3/CD Stereo with Touch Screen
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • 1 Buslink MC-518 MP3, CD, SD, USB, AM, FM Stereo with Touch Screen and Direct Encoding

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Well, i SHOULD be sleeping for my exams tomorrow… meh. Goodnight Mr. MP3.

Looks hi-tech. Any AUX line? Anyone have prices to compare? Also, anyone have pictures of the rear? Does the memory cards go in from the rear? It would be a hassle to turn it around every time when removing or inserting the cards.

Last question, what the maximum size of memory card can this player handle?!!

i got the links… useful linkage has all the comparison links… and this is just the one to link… interesting interesting stuff… better if it were pink, though

This looks like a Sharper Image throwback. Can I connect it to my computer?

Now this looks cool and has many features to make it a worth wild buy.

Not for me, I already have a sharper image clock/radio/cd player… night all

Masters of the Universe. That takes me back…


My clock has been acting up lately …

is this a good price?

Anybody know what the read speed is on this? I may use it to rip a large collection of CD’s to save my laptop drive if it’s fast enough…

love how the picture makes the speakers look wireless. guessing that is not so? confirmation?

ribs::: a word that is used too much by wooters and brings back thoughts of roflcopter and lollerskates.

very confused about this… not sure if it does too many things to be useful!

4-watt RMS Would not wake me up as I’m hard of hearing. But for the kids, It’s a nice buy.

so can i fill a usb hard drive with mp3s and will it then play on this thing???

Uuuuuuuuggggly! I stayed up for this? Good night.

MP3 delight… woot woot. Nice touch screen feature.

Woot, how about some real information on what this thing does instead of the cutesy pie horse manure?

Ugly, useless, pass, thanks.

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Wooot, and mp3 encoder. dibs!