Butterball XL Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer

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Butterball XL Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer
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Nothing says fitness week like a butterball turkey fryer

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That was my first thought as well. Looks like the Amazon Warehouse deals start at $136 for this model so it seems like a decent deal. 4.1 stars on Amazon

Reviews from Amazon

I purchased this from woot! pre-Christmas as I really missed fried turkey and my father refused to deal with the mess and hassle of propane turkey fryers. I did a test turkey, and we used it to fry up a turkey for Christmas dinner.

My conclusion is that it is not as good as a propane fryer because :
[]does not always completely cover turkey and leaves an area that is not completely browned. It was cooked but was not pretty.
]does not crisp up the skin as much. Probably because the temp drops too much and it can’t get the temp back up fast enough.
However, I think the pros out-weigh the cons:
[]is very convenient
]easy to clean. Has a handy spigot to drain the oil and the heating unit is easily removed.
[]uses less oil
]low to no risk of fire (or explosions)
[*]can be used indoors

I did a 11 lb. turkey and a 13 lb. turkey, and they both tasted very good. It took less than an hour to heat the oil and less than an hour to cook. We also did some fried chicken tenders and funnel cakes. Both tasted great, but I learned that the machine was not exactly the best for frying funnel cakes.

It can also boil and steam. I sorta justified buying it by planning to use it to boil smaller batches of crawfish without breaking out the large propane boiler.

I bought this a few years ago from woot for Christmas. I’ve used it to fry turkey and other foods.

For turkeys, you do have to be careful about the size of the turkey you buy as it will sometimes not fit completely (or at all) and I didn’t like the controls/cooking timer. Other than that, I really never had any issues with this and have been very satisfied for this

Agree with all except on the coverage. We own the original “small” model that is limited to 14 lb turkeys and so long as you respect that limit and tightly fit the turkey into the basket, the top gets covered during frying - not deep, but covered; I do agree, not as browned as the rest but certainly it looks fully cooked on top. How you would have that problem with this XL size unit that handles 20 lbs seems unusual. Agree about crisp, it’s moderately crisp; secret is to immediately take it off of the fryer so that it doesn’t get steamed by the heated oil. Overall, these are FANTASTIC, we typically do a 6-7 lb breast prior to dinner for abundant white meat, then a 13 lb turkey for looks and other meat, all keeping the oven available for other cooking.

I bought this on Dec 10, 2015 from woot and have used it twice. Here are my thoughts.

If you are planning on using this for poultry, I HIGHLY recommend you brining the poultry for at least 12 hours before marinading/dry rubbing it. Put a kitchen bag inside of a 5 gallon bucket, and put the brine and the bird inside the bag. Easy clean up.

My fryer cooked a little fast, so 3.25 lb / pound seems to be my magic formula.

If your goal is to have crispy skin, make sure you look up a recipe that specifically says that the outcome will be crispy skin as normal cooking temperature. Sure, you can cook your bird to 250º F and it’ll be crispy, but it will also be extremely dry.

I’ve reused the same oil (peanut oil) twice and could probably use it two more times. Don’t dump the oil after the first use.

Have a separate 5 gallon bucket with a good lid to store the used oil.

Clean up isn’t a big deal as long as you take your time. Dump the oil through a strainer, and have lots of paper towels on hand.

Just a few thoughts I wanted to share.

What’s in the coupon book? Are the coupons still valid?

Bought the XL last year right before Thanksgiving at ALDI’s for $50. It did not have the gloves nor dvd. Still a great buy! I fried a chicken to test the unit, worked great. Bought a couple of turkeys and used Cajun Injector’s Creole Butter, moist and tender meat and the skin was crisp. Second year to cook the in-laws family gatherings bird. Have fried many more chickens and turkeys with great success. Just cooked some leg quarters that also turned out great. Trust your thermometer and use the times as a guide.
I’ve only used pure peanut oil but, I’ve seen the canola/peanut mix any pros or cons to the mix vs pure peanut oil?

Maybe try a smaller turkey? Was it a whole turkey or a breast?

On another note, knowing how the propane types show up on the 6 o’clock news, I can see these in the hands of anyone who has not experienced the excitement of overfilling a 5 gallon pot with cooking oil then DROPPING the oversized bird into said pot, a guaranteed “breaking news” segment on your local tv station.

Woot is definitely about fitness with this…fitness whole deep fried turkey in my belly.

Rather, I would think a larger bird would be needed to displace the oil. I was really concerned about the small amount of oil I saw in the reservoir on QVC when they had these.

I bought this from Woot a few weeks ago and it’s been great. As an FYI. I used peanut oil.

I’ve fried two turkeys with this and they turned out great. The first was a 14 lbs bird and as some reviewers mentioned the very top of the breast wasn’t under the oil so while it cooked fine, the top portion, about a 3x3" area of the skin, wasn’t “crisp.” But as I removed the skin when I carved it wasn’t noticeable.

When I then cooked a 17 lbs bird, the whole bird was covered (displacement can be your friend here).

I brined the first one but did nothing at all with the second and didn’t really notice much of a difference.

I’ll likely inject the next to see if that makes it any different

All in all, very happy with it. The basket has a dividing insert so you can fry multiple smaller things (e.g. fish, french fries and okra all at once). Also gave with gloves, a hanger to more easily remove the basket, a metal extension tube to help drain out oil.

Other nice aspects of the fryer include:

o A catch area around the periphery for the steam to keep it from falling back in the oil.

o The heater and the metal oil been are separate and individually removable which allowed for very easy cleaning.

All in all, I’m very happy with my purchase and recommend it for all!

I bought the max 14lb turkey version a few years ago and LOVE it.

As mentioned above, you need to abide by the guidelines of size or you will have issues. I’ve rarely cooked more than a 12 lb turkey and as mentioned above, it needs to be removed immediately from the drip “stand” so the skin stays crispy.

Have cooked everything from fried Oreos to turkeys with this thing and it’s become my basic fryer. Peanut Oil is the only thing I would use and I’ve used it for a few times as long as I’ve cooked the same thing (i.e., french fries or such).

I’ve even cleaned it out and used it as a steamer for lobster and it it came out fantastic. I bought 3 of them as gifts since then and nobody has complained. My mother uses is solely as a steamer (she’s afraid of hot oil for some odd reason) and loves it for all her seafood and vegetables.

May have to think about this larger version…

Fried turkey is not as greasy as you might think. The oil really doesn’t go into the bird.

I’ve fried a few using a propane fryer. Once the bird goes into the fryer, it takes a lot of heat (insanely fiery propane burner on high sounding like a rocket taking off) for about 20 minutes to bring the oil back up to 350. It does make for very crispy skin though.

Definitely brine first!

I still have one of the smaller ones. But a few years ago I upgraded to this big boy.

I never do 20 lb turkeys. 14-15 lbs is the biggest I’ll go. The extra large tank lets me put more oil in it.
-This ensures the top’o’the bird is fully covered with delicious oil.
-More oil keeps the heat easier, so the temp doesn’t drop.
(Also, for the temp issue, NEVER put a cold turkey in there. I take my bird out of the fridge almost 2 hours before it goes in the Jacuzzi.)

I’ve fired, steamed, and boiled stuff in this baby. I love it.

Also: There’s a big game coming up. You can fry lotsa stuff.
French fries, tater tots.
Totino’s pizza rolls (90 secs and they’re done.)
Mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, etc.

You need this.

Fitness week woot?

“I do not think it means what you think it means.” LOL

For the person who sees Fire Insurance not as security, but as a dare.