is channeling woot!


While searching for cheap items to reach a magic free shipping shopping cart-size, I stumbled on their clearance page, and for a moment thought I had gone to a secret page where one can buy multiple woot items on the same day! for a higher price! I just wonder how many of the rest of these items are soon to come up on the woot page for a day?
click on the image to better see the woots.


Haven’t the Melitta expresso machine and the Royal Cook mini-chopper also been past woots?


I couldn’t find them on the woot web page; I should say, I DIDN’T find them on the web page, but that’s 2 more then. I seriously thought I had opened the wrong window when I got to that page on


The Melitta was offered Aug 23 (for $40 + shipping)

And the royal cook chppoers were on Aug. 15 ($10 + shipping for TWO of them)

Woot kicks some serioos @$$ when it comes to cheap deals, even compared to other retailers clearance prices!


I’d love to see a woot price on some of those Viewsonic LCD monitors…




ditto on the lcd monitors, and I wouldn’t mind the electric knife doo-dad, either. I know, I know, kitchen gadgets, blah, blah, blah… But it is around turkey time…


…and the red blender was half a woot.

By my reckoning, there’s only three things on there that *haven’t * been sold by woot:
the “eletric” knife
3-in-1 blender, extractor, grinder
chocolate treat maker

…maybe those’ll turn up yet…


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