Cafe Valencia 2-Cup Coffee Maker

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Cafe Valencia 2-Cup Coffee Maker
$13.37 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Weatherworks CH4300 Cafe Valencia 2-Cup Coffee Maker

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what a 1337 buy

thats a random price…

  1. Plus shipping.


these are great so you can grab your joe when your running out the door

$13.37 huh? >.>

wow it must be 1337 to be $13.37


Now you are just messing with us.

Must have coffee for this 48 hour Woot off

1337 mugs


Weird price.

Nice Price

I got this. It is without a doubt the cheapest coffee maker ever. And those thermal mugs? Thermal as in your hand feels exactly just how hot the coffee is.

That is a 1337 price. :smiley:

I got this during the last woot-off and it’s already broken and in the trash.

If they keep dragging their feet, we’re going to need much more than 2 cups!

Almost wanna buy because it’s 1337 priced o_o

Is this gas powered or hydroelectric?

My first woot off woot.