Cuisinart DCC-1200 Stainless 12-Cup Brew Central Coffeemaker


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A Coffee maker? Blah, I can live without it this time. Bring on The Bag o’ Crap!
How about a coffee maker & a BOC??? :o




Some really big hard drives would be a AWESOME WOOT!!!


Lots of refurbished stuff recently… I guess it keeps the price low. Looks like a good cuisinart model though! - The best deals around!

Cuisinart Stainless 12-Cup BrewCentral Coffeemaker
At last, a 12-step program you can handle
$39.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

Achtung, Kaffeetrinker! Twelve is the jitteriest number that you’ll ever drink with this dozen-cup Brew Central coffeemaker from Cuisinart. (That’s a hybrid neologism of “cuisine” and “art” – who’s a clever boy then?) Not only does it brew a mean cup or twelve, its Jetsons-age styling may actually fool your visitors into believing that you possess a certain flair for interior design. It comes further tricked out with some features we wish the human body had, like a wake-up timer and a little light to indicate when decalcification is needed.

Imagine it, man – twelve cups! Consider the possibilities…buy a dozen donuts and have a whole cup of coffee with each one. Stage a production of 12 Angry Men and serve a complimentary cup of coffee to each member of the cast. Or buy the Woot-maximum three units, set their timers for morning, and wake up to 36 sense-shattering cups, ready and waiting to help you start your day! Consider your mind officially blown! There’s no limit to the fun you can have with your favorite bitter, scalding stimulant and the Brew Central. What, you don’t like fun?

Condition: Refurbished by Cuisinart
Charcoal water filter helps produce great tasting coffee by removing impurities
Indicator light signals when it’s time to clean the coffee maker
Heater plate with 3 settings so you can control the after-brewing temperature of your coffee
Brew Pause feature lets you brew a cup of coffee before brewing has finished
1-4 cup setting lets you brew only a cup or two without altering the flavor of the coffee
Fully programmable design includes a user-friendly digital clock for freshly brewed coffee day or night and auto shutoff for worry-free use
Brushed stainless-steel housing with metal accents compliments any kitchen
12-cup carafe has an ergonomic handle, dripless spout and knuckle guard for your convenience
Beep sounds when brewing is complete


Whiners list. . . though I will admit it’s a good deal if you actually want your own coffee maker and don’t have one…I can’t even stand the smell though :? Maybe they are selling these in preparation for the upcoming woot off! WOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTT!!!


No thanks, I’ll take a b BOC, though!!!


AHHHH… Yet another Woot geared to ensure you can stay up for another WOOT :slight_smile: Smart!!

Best price on Froogle is - $54.95

Lowest Price on pricegrabber is $66


Basically a BIG THUMBS UP! … Great Deals, coupon codes and freebies.


OG & Cupcake & JellyBeans[color=darkblue:b680394402][/color][size=24:b680394402][/size:b680394402]-COFFEE:ZZZZZZZZZZZ


Mmmm, 12.


has it for 48.55 with 7.95 shipping, not bad,
that’s the cheapest I see on froogle.

I’m not into coffee though.

Hm, both Woot’s and Froogle’s are refurb units. Factory reconditioned to new condition. I don’t like refurbs terribly much, though I bought one of the rio cali’s. Anyone with good/bad experience with refurb equipment want to let us know how it goes?


coffee sounds so good right now. Froogle has this up for $50, and something seems a little off with that one even though its supposed to be the same model.


darn… stayed up for this???


Sounds pretty cool, maybe something my dad might like for his bday who knows


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first post, first page! oh yea. but i already have this exact coffeemaker. so i dont need another one.


Hope its here before next Woot-off


Wish it came in yellow to match my X-Terra… :lol:


First Post…stuck doin an English paper right now…could certainly use the coffee haha


This is a great coffee maker…I’ve had mine for six months and it is fantastic! Highly recommended! :smiley: