Camp Chef Pellet Grill & Smokers - Your Choice

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Camp Chef Pellet Grill & Smokers - Your Choice
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Camp Chef PG24LTD
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I Wooted the PG24LS a few months back and love it. These offer a few upgrades over that model such as the chimney and the clean-out system. I added the same front shelf which comes in handy and is recommended. There’s also a custom jerky shelf available that triples the smoker surface area and works great for wings.

I’ve been wanting to try a pellet smoker for several years. In the meantime I do my smoking with Weber Smokey Mountain smoker using charcoal and wood. Still, the pellet smoker is calling my name

I have to second this. Bought an earlier model this year and absolutely LOVE it! So easy to use. Thing makes me look like I know what I’m doing.

I need some clarity. The PG24S appears to be a Camp Chef, but the PG24LTD is a Browning Grill? Seems that the Browning has a considerably higher retail price than the Camp Chef also pictured. What am I missing?

I’ve never smoked but have the bug. What is the average rate of consumption of pellets? AND…does this also serve well as a grill for steak/burgers/etc?

I bought two of these pellet smokers. Loved the first one so much that I got another for my son as a gift. So easy to use, literally set-it, and forget-it (sorry Ron Popiel). To make ribs, just apply some rub on them the night before and throw them on the smoker 5-6 hours before you want to serve. Over those 6 hours, you do absolutely nothing! No turning them, no adding wood, no flare-ups, just bask in the heavenly smoke that’s wafting from the smoker. Temperature is held automatically and stays in a 10 degree window!

Its incredibly efficient, a $6.00 bag of pellets will last you at least 12 smoking sessions and cleaning out ash is a 2 minute job every 3-4 uses.

I’ve had just about every smoker that’s intended for the amateur, the Egg, Smokey Joe’s, Weber, etc. You can make world class BBQ so darn incredibly easy with this baby. I cannot say enough good stuff about this smoker - you will not be disappointed.

Burn rate varies depending on temperature set, outdoor temp, quality of pellets, etc. A bag of pellets ($15-$20) should easily do 2 or 3 rib smoking sessions. Cost of pellets comes out to be really close to the cost of propane, if you were to be using a propane grill.

Hamburgers cook OK, not great. Sucks for steaks.

I recently upgrade from a propane grill and a propane smoker to a single Rec-Tec pellet grill/smoker. (Which I love BTY, but it costs a lot more) For me a 40# bag of pellets, smoking or grilling, seems to last a little longer than a 20# bottle of propane did on my old equipment.

Now BTU VS BTU there IS more heat in a bottle of propane. However with Gas, because it heats so fast, I realize now I was wasting it at times. Turning it on, going inside, prepping the food, coming out to a piping hot grill that has been up to temp for ??? minutes. The pellet grill does take longer to heat up, but is typically “Just getting there” when I am ready to use it.

i have a traeger, not this brand, but i have been able to cook steaks and burgers quite well. they are very tasty.

this looks like a nice upgrade from my traeger, but not sure if i’ll pull the trigger, since i already have a working pellet smoker/grill :frowning:

With a stock setup, using my pellet grill, I would agree. Then I bought these.

Expensive upgrade but worth every penny IMO. I know over its life I ruined more food on my old grill due to flare ups than these cost.

Pellets are a great tool. They don’t provide all the smoke of a smoker or all the high temp sear heat of a grill. The heat is indirect so it is more like a convection oven. I use mine side-by-side with a gas grill. Everything starts in the Camp Chef for temp control and to add smoke flavor, but steaks and burgers get a quick sear on the gas grill at the end of a cook. They really excel with vegetables, fish, and chicken and would make an awesome turkey for the holidays.

I recommend removing the warming rack and adding one of these.

I also recommend some sort of cover. Moisture doesn’t play well with the pellets and there are some electronics to protect.

The Browning version comes with the front shelf and is not included with the Camp Chef version. Otherwise, they’re identical other than the branding.

I bought the PG24LS on Woot a few months ago. Now I’m jonesing for ash clean out and stainless. I’m giving my old one to my son for Christmas and buy this one for me!! Merry Christmas to me and my son…hehe! Love these grills from Camp Chef. I use mine to grill and smoke. I haven’t used my grill since I bought this. Can do everything perfectly.

What would make this an upgrade over a traeger?