Can't cancel an order after 3-4 hours? WTF?

Yesterday I had seen a nice mouse for $12 and thought man, I’ll pick up one for me and my girlfriend. I ordered them, chose 2-day shipping at checkout and clicked on through. I didn’t realize until my girlfriend checked the bank later that $50 was taken out. I get on woot to see that they charged me $24 for shipping. Literally the same cost of both the mice together or $12/mouse. I contacted support within 3-4 hours only for them to say “Upon checking, I could find the order has already reached a point in processing where it cannot be cancelled or modified. The cancellation option is available for 2-3 hrs before the order is confirmed by the vendor and we do not have the order further in our possession for cancellation. Hope you understand my limitation in this.” I absolutely do NOT understand the limitation. I can’t afford to spend $50, I could barely afford to spend $24. All I know is that I would never get this kind of shite treatment if I was on actual Amazon. I just want the shipping changed to standard or the order cancelled completely. Why tf is that so hard?

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Hi there. We have a 2-hour cancellation window. After that, orders are released to fulfillment and out of our reach. This is necessary to get things to you quickly.

However, on expedited shipping, the orders are released immediately so there’s no 2-hour window.

The amount of shipping is shown on the order page for you to confirm all information.

Work with customer service on a return or refuse the package.


I got another email from customer support saying that there is still nothing they can do until I receive the items. They also assured me that once I returned said items, they would give a full refund. I’m feelin’ some relief finally.

Sorry for the outburst woot, but I was feeling quite robbed yesterday and frankly I still am. I do appreciate the fast response times from all of you though. Thank you for your time and I am sorry about my attitude previously, yesterday was just one of those days for me. I’ll update this thread once it is all resolved.

Regarding “The amount of shipping is shown on the order page for you to confirm all information.” I had remembered seeing the words ‘free shipping’ and ‘amazon prime’ somewhere on the page before adding to cart and wrongfully assumed that it meant the typical free 2-day Prime shipping, not $24 of shipping costs.

Anyway, thanks for the reply and I’ll be sure to update when I can.