Castello di Amorosa 2006 Gewurztraminer - Three Pack

Castello di Amorosa 2006 Gewurztraminer - Three Pack
$49.99 + $7.00 shipping
3 2006 Anderson Valley Gewurztraminer

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Bravo for the variety!

This was the wine Scott Harvey was raving about. In for 1.

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Nice choice.

Winemaker, I’m assuming from the RS that this is the “Dry” but can you confirm whether this is your “Dry” or “Dolcino”?


Yeah, Scott’s comments here

Point of order. Did we not have a Gewürtz from Bargetto a while back? Or by “feature” do you mean “the only varietal offered?”

Just wondering.


oooh - a gewurtz! one of my fave varietals. very tempting, but $19/bottle… leaves me on the fence until i hear some discussion.

If the specs are accurate, it is indeed the “Dry.” The PH (3.36) and RS (.48) match the specs for the dry on the winery Web site. Dolcino has a 3.26 PH with the RS at 1.96.

CellarTracker community average price of $26/bottle and a rating (only one, and somewhat arbitrary sounding) of 95 points (see link in first post on this page).

There are many outstanding Alsatian style wines from Alexander Valley, I’ll have to be talked into this one…but perhaps not too persuasively.


i simply do not have the storage space to buy a 3-pack. but i would love to try one of these. if anybody is interested in taking the other 2 bottles, then PM me, and i’ll “split” a 3-pack with you.

With all due respect, and I think plenty is due, why do you need storage space for Gewurz? Under a desk, or in a shady window sill should suffice until you can fit one bottle in the fridge, no?

More V. Sattui?
I passed by the main V. Sattui this weekend, limos and buses galore!

True. Actually, we had Gewürtz at least twice. Bargetto and Montinore

done. my deepest thanks to tommy le chat for enabling my undeniable wine.woot addiction! in for one.

EDIT: WD, if you are listening (& in the listening mood), i would LOVE to labrat this.

thank you for your kind words. i was not very precise: i was not alluding to the unavailability of PROPER storage space (as in temp or humidity controlled) but rather (and admittedly obtusely) to the fact that, at 406 bottles in house w/ over 50 pending delivery i am simply flush w/ vino, so it is my express desire to avoid adding 3 of ANYTHING to my collection that i have not tried & loved (as Scott Harvey clearly has w/ this wine). that was all.

i LOVE whites…is thisa good one to get? what’s it like?

I don’t mean to be really negative on the first page of a new offering, but I kind of wish that there were two offerings from the same winery in a week. I really feel that the labrats(generally) over the last few have not had the opportunity to sample the wine being offered before the end of the offering, and would hope that maybe this could improve for the future. With that said, I know it is really difficult to be available with no notice, and respect that there have been times where I wasn’t available to labrat w/o some notice. I really am conflicted on this, I’ve followed the discussion up to this point, and I think that offering twice from the same winery could improve things a bit.

To add some on-topic content, I don’t and have not tried Gewurtz yet, and can’t see spending $16 on a bottle or more with shipping. Sorry! Still too new at this thing to branch that far out.

I’d love to try these gewurtzes, but I’m just not thrilled with the value here (and I’m not one to typically poo poo w.w deals). On the site, these are on sale at 6 for $107.10 plus shipping. Today’s super-special woot price is 6 for $106.98 shipped. The deal is essentially free shipping. (Of course, the winery wants $40+ for shipping a half case. Yeouch! But still.)