Castle of Doom, Fortress of Woe

This reminds me of the skull shirt that was here about 2 months ago. This one sucks though.

I wish there were 3-D puzzles like this. Not those boring castles, but skull castles!

When Escher attends Dia De Los Muertos.

should be more like the Octagon of Doom.
(that is all)

Castle Grayskull is looking a little thin ontop.

That architecture can’t be up to code.

Am I crazy or do I see a skeleton head in the image?

The stuff at the top being the brain, the horizontal staircase being the mouth, and the spade-like shape being the nose?

edit: lol, just read the description…whistles and waits for flame war

I can imagine Hamlet or Macbeth playing out in this castle.

Interesting take on a nostalgic ‘Castle Grayskull’. Not for me, but I appreciate the He-Man feel here.


I feel like I’d get skullf****ed trying to get through this maze.

It reminds me of a Halloween version of the Highlights magazine I would see at my dentist’s office.

Nah it’s just you. Promise.


The cute wittle heart nose makes it an easy buy for any loved one.

I question how structurally stable a building in the shape of a skull is.


it just seems a little too busy for me, I wanna know if the upside down heart means the artist hates valentines day or if they just wanted to be cool but got bullied in grade school…

now for something completely different…

Look’s like Nupraptor’s Retreat from BO: LoK


Mas são de que cidade?? Ou será que ainda não conheço um lugar com esse nome que não seja o estado de Santa Catarina?

Translation: But what city are they from? Or do I just not know a place with that name that isn’t the state of Santa Catarina?

I must say that is the most de-pronounced Sagittal Keel I have ever seen. Before anyone asks, yes I do have the power, of Anthropology!