Cat Vs. Cat

Sumo wrestling cats?

I saw the japanese style tiger and said, “Hell yes!” Then I saw the rest of the shirt and I threw my laptop.

Oh dang. Sumo tiger vs ninja tiger? Which one will win?

My money’s on the tiger. Because it’s a huge freaking tiger.

This shirt seems like it has way too much going on, my eyes don’t know where to focus.

No matter who loses, the dog wins!

I think the guy tiger looks more like a panda. Tiger vs Panda…?

Looks like someone can haz had too many cheezburgers…

Why is the cat wearing a diaper? Not matter what happens it appears as if they cat has already lost (bowel function)

Well clearly the waiting wasn’t for spell check.

“Thank goodness for Sumo Cat, right? For for too long, media depictions of high-BMI cartoon cats have shown them to be shiftless layabouts addicted to baked pasta-and-cheese dishes. Not Sumo Cat!”

I hope they mean "For far too long…

I feel like the sumo cat’s belly button needs a couple of eyes to be a sad face :frowning:

Interesting design!

A strange battle of felines.

Why is only the tiger naked?

My thoughts exactly.

They’re fighting so hard that they’re… steaming?

Did sumo cat get jelous of kungfu panda??

OOOOOOH! I love a good cat fight!!!

I saw the tiger and was all YES! then I saw the other animals, FURRIES…they look like FURRIES from SECOND LIFE…yuck.

No, no, NO!

Hahah, well done.

It’s a SUMO cat. That’s what sumo wrestlers wear. I think it’s called a mawashi…