Hang In There

Uh oh. Blood in the eye. Looks like the ol’ 28 Days Later routine.

Here’s the reference


I like shirt.woot’s better

Edit: TT, I barely know the reference. kids only a few years younger than I might not know it.

Beat me to the reference :wink: Fantastic shirt!

Sweet twist on a classic poster.

Clearly the third one is the brains of that operation.

Yikes. It’s also a greeting card and a poster.

First sucker: Pinkgirl36
Speed to first woot: 1m 11.197s

Yeah, my wife. zombies and cats, I knew should would get it.

While admiring this shirt, I can’t stop hearing Arnold Schwarzenegger say the catchphrase for some reason.

“Hang een theya!”

Zombie Kitties:
They’ll love you… To death.

I wonder, if cats have nine lives… when do they turn into zombies?

Maybe you have to kill zombie cats nine times?

yeah, you laughed at my name, said i was sick and tried to get me banned. BUT I SAW THIS COMING!!! :wink:

[QUOTE=CowboyDann, post:3, topic:347938]
Here’s the reference


I prefer this one:

I’m glad to see that Woot is really branching out with it’s offerings, but I think I’ll leaf this one alone.

you guys…

I thought it was a double reference, not only to that poster, but to Shawn of the Dead as well. Give the headband and shotgun.

A friend told me all those posters from the 60s-70s had taxidermied cats. Thats how they held their poses (multiple cats in one shot)

Im curious if thats false.

Thanks shirt.woot for printing my design!

This is how I feel right now

Uh oh, is that zombie cat blood splashed in the white cat’s eye?

Can’t Hug Every Cat.