Chateau Souverain Zinfandel Single-Vineyard Sampler Trio

Chateau Sauverain Zinfandel Single-Vineyard Sampler Trio
$54.99+ $5 shipping

condition: Zinfantastic
1 Chateau Sauverain 2003 Zinfandel Louvau Vineyard
1 Chateau Sauverain 2003 Zinfandel Buchignani-Garcia Vineyard
1 Chateau Sauverain 2003 Zinfandel Faloni Vineyard

Uh, woot-dudes, you spelled the winery name wrong… April fool?


In for a trio, I love zin!

Well the bottles have the right spelling


And, I can snag some of these at the local Costco, IIRC - which is a good thing. I recall that I liked whichever version of this was available there. Looks like I’m price checking tomorrow.

NJ screwed. Sigh

I don’t understand why, like many sellers in California, woot can’t have NJ (and other) customers sign a waiver saying that “Woot is acting as an agent on behalf of the buyer and assisting shipment back to the buyer’s state.”



This DOES sound wonderful.

Did the woot server go through daylight savings time again or what? 1:59am post from the wootbot?

Wow, hella high alcohol content on these wines! I love the idea of a ‘horizontal’ tasting, but I can’t swing it right now with the vertical coming up in a few weeks.

…and what’s up with the ‘wootbot’ post floating to the BOTTOM of the page?

This seems like a really good deal. I use a website called to find unusual bottles and to price them and that site had each bottle here listed for $30 apiece. Not bad. $90 of wine for $60 delivered.

And to which vertical are you referring to? Give me the inside info.

It’s bugging me too.

Kent Rasumssen Petite Sirah Trio

I just noticed the time stamp on the woot bot post: it reads 12:59 am which is off an hour. I am guessing that it has to do with daylight savings. My alarm clock just adjusted itself an hour forward today too. Daylight savings time usually occurs now but this year it was 2 weeks early.

Good point.

Uh-oh - who’s checking the damn silos???

Oh, I see. It’s wine you ALREADY ordered and have received. I thought you knew of a vertical that was going to be shown here. Enjoy.

LOL. Would you like to play a game of chess?

Or tic-tac-DOH!!!