Chaucer's Mead - Four Pack

Chaucer’s Mead - Four Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Honeyed
2 Chaucer’s Mead - **750 mL **
2 Chaucer’s Raspberry Mead - **500 mL **

Note the different sizes.

Not planning on putting up CT links for these.

glad I actually wanted it :wink:
First sucker: bkarney

Their regular mead is fantastic. I’m not a huge fan of the raspberry or I’d be in for some, but if you like mead this is quality stuff.

Impressive :slight_smile:

And gee I’ll be around during the day Friday, hmm…

The mead is great. I love it (though bottle to bottle variability is high). This doesn’t appear to be a good deal vs. local prices, though:|…|All+Items

Nice first sucker! It figures I just bought a bottle of the Mead in Michigan over the weekend. I will probably be in though cuz I know my dad wants to try some. :slight_smile:

i’ve never had the raspberry mead, but i can assure you the normal mead is awesome! the first time i brought a bottle home, my friends drank it all before i could get any, so i had to go get another one! it was great though, yummmm…

A trio was offered almost 1 year ago:

Blog Entry

& the comments.

My 1st woot wine sale! (I have lots of others on the other 2) I have to send it to my apt, but I am not there all of the time… I hope they catch me while I am there so I can send for it. My business does not like if I send stuff there,

What is mead? I’m not sure what it is. What does it taste like? I get that it’s honey wine, but I thought the w.w community might be able to give me more insight into it. Thanks.

Fermented honey. Replace grape juice with honey, and process as wine (maybe not 100% correct, but close enough? maybe?)

To me, it tastes like sweet grape wine with massive honey notes. Taste good honey sometime, and try to isolate the flavor from the sweetness, and then add that to a sweet muscat, and you have a good approximation of mead (to me).

the 750 of the regular flavor is on sale at BevMo for 9.99 right now.

I bought 3 bottles of Chaucer’s Mead three years ago and I was wonderfully impressed.

I am a fan of mead. My grandfather used to make it. I thoroughly enjoyed the Chaucer’s brand. I only had the regular at the time, but my girlfriend and I loved it.

If my state allowed shipments of wine, I’d be in for 3 to supply the restaurant that I manage. This is a great wine for late winter. I recommend it served warm with mulling spices. The Chaucer’s that I drank before stands out from other meads that I have consumed. I think I paid $35 for the quarter-case, so this isn’t a bad deal at all…especially when you consider shipping.

Arrgh ye scurvy devils! The title sayeth 4 bottles yet the product description sayeth 2 750 mL regular and 1 500 mL raspberry. Henceforth I place the order and proceed to the confirmation page the title pronounceth 4 bottles but farther hence it proclaims just 1 bottle of each. Arrgh Woot, takest thou me for a fool or hast thou been sampling too much o’ the wares, maties?

Thanks. That helps to put it into perspective for me.

guilty… 4 bottles 'tis.

I owe a serious thank you to a friend who loves this stuff. Thanks wine.woot!

Almost a year to the week since I last bought a box.

Chaucer’s Mead Trio 2/23/08 1 blog discuss

Google for “mead taste” or something similar and you’ll find some interesting forum posts and articles.