Chehalem Oregon Pinot Noir (3)

Chehalem Oregon Pinot Noir 3-Pack
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2013 Chehalem Stoller Vineyards Pinot Noir, Dundee Hills, Oregon


Good evening fellow Wooter’s.
I had the opportunity to try this particular wine this week. I like Pinot noir, I tend to drink mostly pinots from California but on occasion I get one from OR. This is a solid bottle with a lot of character that represents the more ripe but earthy profile of Oregon wines.

The notes.
Screw cap is always a plus.
Wine is a clear deep red. (A bit dark for PN)
No sediment
Nose: quite a bit of cranberry, mushroom, oak and dirt. I had a hard time placing the dirt note but after some thought and talking it over with my co-taster (my bride) we decided dirt. Her initial description was black licorice but we decided we were describing the same thing and settled on dirt.

Taste: a bit tart, cranberry, dirt, some mushroom. Not particularly different from the nose. Finish is medium length. Alcohol does not come through at all, oak in minimal. Acid seems fine, doesn’t stick out either way.

Conclusion: solid bottle that is representative of the region. Nice complexity. I did not try with food but it would seem like it would be a nice food wine. I liked it.

That’s good work. Top shelf lab rat errr grape debater submission!

Sweet, I’ve been hoping for some Oregon Pinot! Would love to see a variety of regions. Thanks, Woot!

Thanks for the rat!

A top notch winery and a top notch vineyard source. Nice score. Have been a Chehalem buyer on and off for many years now so pretty stoked to see these guys here. Stoller does tend to make a deeper wine and it’s a pretty large vineyard, would be interested in the selection here.
Anyway in for two.

This looks like a fantastic deal on a quality Oregon pinot noir. In for one, but may dip back in for another later. Love seeing Oregon offerings on here!

This bottle was sent to Kyle and I just got the leftovers. He has more kids (and less time) so I beat him to the review.

In for at least 1 set.

After the sad announcement by TT a few minutes ago I guess it’s really time to

“Buy All The Wine!”


TL;DR: This is a great wine.

I drink very little OR PN, but I do enjoy it when I do. I tend to think of OR (huge generalization here) as growing more lithe, lighter, and more tense PN than CA. This bottle follows that generalization, but it’s a bit riper than I expected (in a very good way).

The wine is very pretty. You can see through it, but it has great color concentration. Smells very much like PN. Cherries, loam, maybe cinnamon. Lovely, deep bouquet. On the palate, I found the wine to be medium-bodied, full-flavored. Huge red fruit attack with this tingling minerality on the tongue. SWMBO found it a bit tart and I don’t disagree, but it’s not unpleasant. It’s mouthwatering and brings you back for another sip.

Cherries and cranberries for days on the palate. Earth and soil. And this zippy acidity that makes this a great food wine.

The menu was spicy bool kogi beef and I was worried the wine wouldn’t be able to stand up to the food. OR PN and a spicy beef dish seems like a terrible pairing. Surprisingly, the wine not only held up, but really complimented the meal well.

I was expecting to see this at $35/btl. Very good wine that has a little something for everyone.

Ahhhh…Memories of Torii Mor Pinots offered on WW years back and then a trip to Oregon while my son was working a FedEx installation east of Portland. Drove to Chehalem, Dundee and other areas in the Willamette Valley. Stopped at Lange and another winery. I believe Torii Mor was closed that day. Any how, I fell in love with the areas Pinots, so this offer brought back great memories of the areas great wines, fishing the Columbia River for salmon and the Pacific for albacore tuna, and driving over to a cannery in WA. Time well spent with my son!!! Like many others here, I have a ton of wine in the basement. But memories are making this offer irresistible. I’m in!!!

Rules and Regs on this Woot says:

"Thanks to stick-in-the-mud buzzkilling state legislators, wine may only be delivered to the following states: "

And VA isn’t on the list. But that’s incorrect! VA most definitely allows residents to receive (and wineries to ship) up to two cases per month…since 2003!! So what gives!? Only explanation I can think of is that the shipper (whether Woot or Chehalem) doesn’t hold a VA ABC Shipper’s License.

I needs me some of this Chehalem!!

The winery must also have a license for VA.

I was notified that I would be receiving a Grape debater bottle, but I guess the three mile journey is taking too long. I wonder how many road miles it will travel before it arrives.

Just drive over and ask for your bottle.
They work Friday’s I’ve been there. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great review! Wynne, our winemaker, had the 2014 vintage of this wine paired with a crispy duck confit cake dish last night at Lapellah in Vancouver, WA. It was the perfect pairing! All of our wines are made with the intention of enjoying them with foo, but we’re happy to hear that they stand up on their own as well.

We’d be happy to honor the Woot deal directly through the Tasting Room. We do have a VA Direct Shipper’s license. Just call 503-538-4700 and mention the Woot offer. We’ll get the wine packed and shipped ASAP. Don’t want you to miss out on this great offer! The CHEHALEM Team

We love Torii Mor and all of our friends and neighbors in the Willamette Valley. It’s one of the best wine communities in the world and we’re happy to be a part of it and your good memories. We hope to see you back out here again soon! The CHEHALEM Team

Great! Keep on the lookout for more Oregon wines soon. And keep on dipping back in. This wine will age beautifully for the next decade and beyond!

You nailed the review notes on this one! That tartness comes from our cool climate acidity and will help preserve the wine for decades and help pair the wine with rich fatty foods like duck, salmon and spicy bool kogi beef. Enjoy!