Cinematik AV1000 TV Stand w/ Sound System

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Cinematik AV1000 TV Stand w/ Sound System
Price: $99.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Sep 09 to Monday, Sep 14) + transit
Condition: New


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Quite the price drop from the previous offers.

Seems kind of ridiculous to have gone with an asymmetrical 3.1 arrangement that will never give you great stereo imaging.
They could have added a couple of speakers and given a decent balanced 5.1 setup for only a few bucks more.

Pretty sure there are speakers on the other side too. They just didn’t remove the speaker grille on that side.

I’m curious about the location of the subwoofer and how it sounds, though. This could be great for my apartment since I can’t really shake the walls in here but would like something nicer than the iPod dock I’m currently routing my sound through.

Cheap soundbar in a table. WHY?

These have been around on Woot for quite a while. I did a search and found them on sale back in 2013! Couldn’t find a price.

Didn’t search Woot because it takes too long.


Seems to me a basic shelf unit from Ikea and and your choice of soundbar would give you more versatility, and better sound.

Checking mothership: NOPE, just the speakers shown PLUS the subwoofer (50W RMS output,75d),which must be on the right side looking at the front.

WOOPS, re-reading the Amazon description, there may only be the speakers shown: the 50 watt RMS and 8 ohms (no distortion spec provided) 6"subwoofer and two 3" “full-range” speakers at 17 watt and 4 ohms, again distortion spec not provided–basically just inexpensive desktop computer speakers (maybe OK for a kid’s room): ‘‘Product Description’’
Cinematik AV1000 3.1 Channel Virtual Surround Sound, LCD Display Subwoofer: 50W RMS output, 75dB, (1) 6" 8-Ohm speaker, Left/Right/Center Channels: 17W RMS output, 75dB, (2) 3" 4-Ohm speakers. Inputs: (1) Coaxial (1) Digital (2) Analog audio-in (L/R RCA) Dimensions: 46" (L) x 27" (H) x 15.7" (W). Weight: 81 pounds. Includes Remote Control. Fully Assembled

Another site shows (2) speakers per channel plus a subwoofer. It further states 6 speakers plus a sub for 7 total speakers.

Subwoofer location question, built-in(where), wired, or wireless??

Gee, I wish my 50" plasma TV didn’t weigh 170 pounds, or I’d buy one.

Ok here is a clarification. See this link:

Left/Right/Center Channels: 17W RMS output, 75dB, (2) 3" 4-Ohm speakers.

this means that each of the left right and center channels has 2 speakers (you can see this in the 1st photo and read this on the 2nd box image under speakers). Including the subwoofer, there are 7 total speakers.

I should get a free system just for clearing this up.

Is that a subwoofer port on the top left of the left side? Look at the pic of the shipping box above to see it. Is there one on the right side?

There is only 1 subwoofer, so it looks like it’s left side only. Also,the pictures of the right side do not show a speaker grill.,0,558,441.jpg

Yeah, I finally bought one. From older comments it seems like a pretty well built stand. The size is perfect for my son’s bedroom. And it’s preassembled. I hope the speakers sound OK, if not I can switch out the drivers.

Well, I must say, this is one of the better Woot! purchases I have made lately. This stand has a total of seven speakers, three small speakers to the right and left of center and one downfiring larger (sub-woofer) speaker in the center. There is a bass port on the left side for the sub-woofer. The built in amplifier will accept two sets of RCA L/R input, one digital coax and one optical digital input. The catch is that the inputs are designed to come from the TV only. I have not tested the PCM output from my Blu-ray player direct, but believe it may work. None the less, this stand has very good audio output for what it is, basically a TV stand for a bedroom setup. Plenty of volume and bass response. I was also very impressed with the excellent packaging of the no assembly required unit. The package was quite heavy (~80 lbs), which made the shipping charge of $5.00 quite efficient considering it was shipped Fed-Ex Ground. All in all, a great value if offered again if you are in the market for a bedroom TV stand.

Do you know of a way to set this up with a universal remote? I lost my remote for this and I can’t find it anywhere.

Did you ever find a replacement remote? My remote just fell onto a concrete floor and has run up the curtain to join the choir invisible, so to speak. I can’t seem to find it on online anywhere.