Clearview HD Tech 360° Rotating HDTV Amplified Antenna

I live directly between two broadcasting cities. Would I be able to tie the two pack together to get both broadcast hubs at the same time?

Can anyone find reviews or website for this model? I couldn’t find anything in some quick searches I’ve done.

Go to Mother Ship and check reviews for-

QFX ANT-105 Outdoor 360 Degree Motorized Rotating Antenna

Yes, you will need a signal combiner to merge both

Maybe, maybe not. Since this antenna is amplified it might also have the power for the ampifier and rotator running on the coax cable. You will have to be careful where in the system you place the combiner/splitter.

The output for your TV won’t have DC on it. It can be split or combined after that.

$22.19 + Free Shipping on Amazon seems like a better deal. Am I missing something?

I ordered this last time it came up, maybe 3 months ago or so. I would pass. Very flimsy and cheap feeling. The instructions are basically useless. And the kicker, It wouldn’t pick up any VHF channels for me, even though they are very close.

I don’t know how well it picks up channels, but at least it’s fun to point it at you cat.

Virtually all of the so-called HDTV or digital antennas are good for UHF but poor for VHF. Two things to know: 1. The signal your antenna receives is not digital. It is the same analog carrier it has always been. The data that is carried on it is digital and is separated from the carrier by the TV. 2. Any antenna that looks like a loop or grid or panel will not likely be good for VHF. It needs the long rods like the old-style rabbit ears or rooftop aerials. Each rod’s length is specific to the frequency of the TV channel desired. That’s why they are short at one end of the antenna and long at the other; one for each VHF channel.

I cut the cord about a year ago. There is a lot of trial and error with the many antenna options out there. Reviews, I found, are pretty much worthless because of all the variables involved. What works for me, may or may not work for someone a couple of streets over due to distance, trees, etc. I went through a total of 4 antennas before I found one that was to my liking. If it wasn’t for Amazon’s generous return policy, I would have been out a lot of money.

With that said, and with Woot!'s poor return policy, I wouldn’t risk purchasing this, or any of the other antenna options offered, unless you are comfortable potentially throwing $30 away.

Just my $.02.

So what antennae have you found works well for you?

I also cut the cord and had to go through 2 antennas before I settled on one. First was directional like the one here and the second was multi directional. Went with the second and now get perfect (better than on XFinity) reception on CBS, NBC, PBS, ABC, and the CW which is all I care about. The shopping channels pixilate too much to watch - YEA!

I settled on the ClearStream 2V indoor/outdoor (60 mile range). I have it mounted in my attic and it performs flawlessly. I’m an average of about 30 miles from the various broadcast towers. Again, you may or may not have the same success.

You could always make your own HD antenna.

I agree. Woot is totally horrible these days… I don’t know why I even come here. The last good deal I got was the QNAP NAS… it’s 1 in 100. Amazon on the other hand is awesome… I can’t understand why they don’t do better.

Our vendor has let us know this is not recommended.

This one is a different model than the one we’re selling.

How strange. They must be VERY similar models. The only difference I can spot is that on Woot they have blacked out the blue part that reads “Quantum FX” but it’s still clearly blue underneath. Why would part of the picture be blacked out?