Cold Steel Voyager Vaquero Folding Knife

Some videos to help you decide.

These are nice knives. I wasn’t sold at first, but they really grow on you. The locking mechanism is seriously strong and secure. It takes a little getting used to, and cleaning and oiling helps, but then it’s quite nice–maybe even preferable to liner locks. Blasphemy, I know.

The steel has held up well too. It may not be the primo super steel, but at this price, it’s a great buy.

The LARGE is quite intimidating too. Shouldn’t have any trouble skinning a deer.

check out this youtube video about the cold steel voyager vaquero large

Price check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Cold Steel Voyager Vaquero
Amazon: $39.99
BladeHQ: $45.95
NotJustKnives: $39.90
ebayBUYITNOW: $38.98
WOOT!: $17.99

Woot destroyed the competition this time around!

I bought the large serrated last time.

I carry it now as my everyday carry knife (keep in mind that it is big, but I’m 6’4 and 195lbs, so it’s not a big footprint in my pockets) but if you intend on carrying this, consider the medium.

Feels very strong, retails for MUCH more on other sites, Woot’s offering on this is pretty good. I like mine.

Medium closed, large closed, medium opened, large opened.

Now woot, please get the XL Vaquero up on here! :slight_smile:

I bought one the last WOOT-Off for $19.99. And I have one from a previous WOOT as well.

Any reason why there is no large standard blade available?

I wish there was a large standard edge blade available, as I do not like serrations. I suppose the medium will have to do!

Hard - if not impossible - to keep sharpened.

I bought one of the medium smooth and large serrated blade the last time these were up.
They are good quality knives for the price. Good grip, especially on the larger one. I am guessing that the large smooth blade is not available as there was not the surplus of them for Woot to sell. I would rather have had one too.
The one feature I question is the claim of their “lightening fast opening”. Granted mine are new and not worn in and oiled etc. but still the claims is far from true more so on the large one, so if that is an important feature I would go with a different knife, perhaps an assisted opening style.

I’m so pissed i have one on the way from amazon right now!!

I’ve said it time and time again when these come up for sale - you can’t buy a better knife for this price. I have abused the hell out of both the serrated and straight edge in both sizes over the months and the larger straight edge is now my EDC . . . I’ve paid $25 a knife and felt like I got a bargain to brag about, at this price, I’ll buy more (and keep on bragging) . . . I REALLY wish woot! would offer a different model of the Cold Steel line of knives as myself, like a lot of others here, would be all over that . . .

Great woot!, don’t hesitate, buy three. There is a ton of good info in the comments from previous sales. Check it out!

Do I get flat or serrated?

you get to choose on the medium but only serrated on the large.I like plain edge myself

Use a Smith’s Pocket Pal (for the serrated) or an AccuSharp 001 (for the straight edge) from Amazon, they get the job done very well and keep the knives in superb working order. The serrated edge takes some work with the Pocket Pal, but you’ll get great results if you keep at it! Plus, both are very inexpensive, about $8.00 USD for each sharpening solution!

Most likely. Question is what’s the reason. Can’t help you much there either.

Could be we sold out of them a while back.
Or the vendor didn’t have any to sell us.
Or we didn’t buy any.

Add your own!

You can’t keep the sharpened? Are they crappy?

they aren’t crappy at all and and this price i wouldn’t pass it up.I’m pissed that i ordered one i should get tomorrow and after shipping here it will be like 25 bucks.i paid 39.99