Columbia Winery Washington Quartet



Hmm, quartet…

Washington? Really?


this wine is okay at best.


Looks like a great wine and price…]


…just because this REALLY irks some people (no idea why…)

Columbia Winery Washington Quartet
$34.99 + $5 shipping (what’s this?)
condition: Aged
2 Columbia Winery Washington 2001 Merlot
2 Columbia Winery Washington 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon


wahaha… first first woot ever.

do i get a t-shirt, or maybe a monkey! :slight_smile:


“Nigh-unto-legendary Master of Wine David Lake is the bambino behind the vino”

Hmmm…putting your own handle into the write up…pretty sneaky Wine David!

Well, if this is as good as the last 2001 Washington State offering (the Pepperbridge) I might have to take a flyer on it. Have to do some research first…


purely coincidental… but i’ll take it.


what do you compare it to? what do you rate it?


If I may hazard a guess, this is a similar offering to the “Tree Hugger” wine that was offered a while ago. Fairly high production (relative to other woot offerings) and put on the shelves over 2 years ago. I suspect we’re getting ‘close-out specials’ here, so the price is likely reflective of that moreso than it being ‘cheap wine.’

Having purchased 9 bottle of monkeyshine in the past week, I’m holding out for something in the Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc genre (although I could be tempted by the right Pinot Noir).


looks like it is usually 40 bucks so 5 dollars off plus the cut rate shipping. Unless somebody can unearth some pretty good awards on this suff i think I’ll pass.


These are good everyday drinking wines. Direct from the winery these will cost more, but I can get these at many WA grocery stores for right around this price, when they are on sale using the appropriate grocery card.


Somewhat informal review on the Merlot; recommendation as a good wine in the Under $18 range.


2001 Cabernet Sauvignon
Columbia Valley

Vineyards: Red Willow, Sagemoor, Otis, Klipsun

A great vintage, small in size, followed a warm dry summer. Vines of great depth and concentration.

Tasting Note:
Dark, deep ruby red. Black cherry fruit with chocolate and cedar, cigar box notes. A very intriguing complex aroma which also includes spicy oak and herbed elements. Powerful full-flavored palate with velvety tannins.


To save you from the linking step:

Columbia Winery

Full bodied, round, intensely flavored (nearly Cabernet-like), with modest oak character, and a lightly tannic finish. Tastes of cherry, black currant, toast, and herbs. 9% Cabernet Franc, 6% Malbec, 5% Sangiovese. 21,823 cases. Drink through 2008.


Online prices I found on froogle range from 9.99 - 17.99 per bottle. Winery does not post prices, but prompts you to call them for online orders, which I am not going to do at 10:30 PM PST.

Sounds like a reasonable deal to stock up on some everyday reds, but has anyone any experience with this wine/vintage?


Possible 89 from WE, according to a single site. Some prices:


I found the same WIDE range of prices online. As far as this particular vintage, I haven’t found much new. I actually just started searching for ANY awards won recently. Best I could come up with was that in 2002, the 1999 CabSav won a gold medal (along with 6 other wines) at the "Tri-Cities Wine Festival. No noteworthy showing from them after that date. Looks like they’re going up against Hogue and Chateau Ste. Michelle in the comp (among other).


These wines are ok for the price-
If you want a lower priced Merlot try the 2003 Columbia Crest Grand Estates for around $9 it was a WS 90 pointer and very good-let breathe for a little while

A good low price Cab is Avalon- WHITE LABEL ONLY NOT ORANGE- $12

both are better than these two- Columbia Winery makes many good wines though they have had a few good Syrah’s lately


I hate to ask. This is my first foray into the wine.woot site. I wanted to pick up 2 of these (one for me 1 for my mom). However, Unlike the regular woot site this seems to not like paypal (I lost my CC… go me). Is this always the case with wine.woot? Or is woot just not liking me today?