Parker Station Critter Quartet

I live in Santa Barbara, and can literally pick this stuff up at the local drug store, but not at this price. Its good stuff in general for a Saturday night dinner with friends. I made a seared Ahi with a pinot noir, ginger, & shallot reduction last weekend and it went really nicely with this Pinot Noir. Sure, there could have been better choices at twice the price (or more) but this is a nice, medium-bodied Pinot Noir with very light oak so it goes nicely with salmon or Ahi.

The Chardonnay is a typically styled Cali chard with forward fruit but not rediculously over-oaked as some are in this price range.

I’ve tried the Syrah many times, but frankly can’t remember it enough to make any useful comments…

All in all, if you are looking for a safe bet for “daily drinkers” you can’t go wrong with this quartet IMO. My wife and I drink wine with every dinner, and it is usually something along the lines of these guys, but they are also good enough for the “upgrade” to a weekend meal if paired carefully. has these for $9.99 each… Deal is ok… Nothing amazing. Rated well… for the price level

I got 2. I hope they’re as good as I expect them to be. Unfortunately, or fortunately, because of, I will have to make room in my storage areas for these. Darn the luck :smiley:

thanks for the good information

I’ve been waiting for a wine woot worthy of being my first. Lucky me I get two Syrahs to de-virginize me :wink:

What the hey - for the price I can’t get wines cheaper anywhere in my tiny town. Plus for a good variety that my girlfriend can try.

Thanks for your comments!

I’m in. At this price even if one or two are bad (and I doubt they’ll be “bad”) it’s still worth it. I flew home last week and was stuck going to these crappy Alcohol stores to get wine. I spent over $60 on three bottles and only one was good. I was pretty pissed. One was so bad that I had to pour it out. Anyway, I need some daily drinkers, so this should work out well.

Wine Spectator on the Syrah:
"More than a bit sweet, with aromas that have Port-like elements of cassis and mocha. Flavors are rather simple. 4,900 cases made.
Score: 79 | Price: $12
Country: California
Region: South Coast
Issue: Web Only (2006)

The 2001 Pinot Noir was rated an 83, BTW…Looks like people are consistently rating this varietal in the mid to upper 80’s.

Winery: Any thoughts on how long each of these should be cellared to get to their peak drinkability? Thanks!

im in for 1. im not a fan of whites but i can just cook with that.

Of put it in a shiny bottle bag with a pretty bow, and give it as a holiday gift (or take to any holiday party).

I’d be in, if my steenking state allowed it. What’s up with this every other week no shipping to MA (and other states)? None of the fun and inexpensive deals have been for us, sheesh, Woot. We’re not all possessed of John Kerry’s bank account, or his wife’s . . .

And that’s exactly why it varies. Blame John and his bureaucratic bunch of lawmakers.

Just discovered a new, large wine store in S. FL; has many choices in low-90’s ratings for about $20. I think
you can find such places in most large cities.

Hey, at least your state makes the list, even if it is only for the more costly stuff. I live in Oklahoma. Need I say more?

I really wish I had a MEGA wine store around me where I could get a wide range of wines. Have a couple of smaller wine stores where I know I can get some really really good stuff, but its pretty small in comparison to some of the stores you are probably talking about.

I picked one up. For this price, it would have to be really bad to not be a good deal.


I guess this is Fess Parkers second label? his wines get good ratings, so I’ll try a few of these cheapies, I’m on for 2 lots. I need more everyday drinks.

Acatually, as its a state law, if anyone, I think we should thank Mitt.

Vote YES on Proposition 1 to help overturn this embargo!!!

Fifteen point one percent?

What are they using, champagne yeast?


“2003 Parker Station Syrah scored 87 pts and received a “Best Buy” from Wine Enthusiast Magazine.” - Legal Sea Foods found under Fess Parkers Sales Materials

So the question is - who do you trust more - Wine Enthusiast Magazine or Wine Spectator Online?

I think this might be the clincher as I love syrah and you can’t beat the price of less than 8 per bottle shipped.

I think there was a discussion about this a few weeks ago, but what’s the recommended way to store an opened bottle? I know it’s sacrilege for REAL wine drinkers to store a bottle, but I’m the only one in my house who drinks wine, and I’ll become an alcoholic if I finish a bottle every time I open one, and I’m not wealthy enough to just pour out the rest of the bottle and open another the next day.

BTW, Woot, thanks for throwing in an affordable offering this week. I’m a novice wine drinker, and I’ve been waiting for a Woot like this to jump in.