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Hey all,

I’m with the manufacturer, and am here to answer any/all questions you may have about our art. Ask away!

Hi all,

I bought a two large prints about a year ago here on Woot, also mounted on the wooden “gallery frame”, as you call it.

Now, in the winter, as air is dryer. the fabric or wood has shrunk and deformed, leaving ugly folds in all four corners of the print (all of them pointing diagonally towards the center).

One print is at the office, the other one at home. Both show the same kind of deformity.

Do you warrant your product, and if so, what should I do to get these replaced?

Hi there. I looked back at your order. They were iCanvas with a 90-day woot warranty.

In “Breakfast of Champions” why is there DC and Marvel together? its clearly impossible.

Just to reiterate what ThunderThighs said: this canvas was not sold by us (ArtWall). We’ve never encountered any quality issues of the sort the customer above described.

OK, thank you! I didn’t see a manufacturer, so I assumed that these would be the same. Obviously, they’re not!

Are there more details available on the 1.6" Gallery Frame; such as what kind of wood, color, and finish the frame has?

I notice it says glossy finish, but does not indicate a covering. So is this an uncovered glossy print?

Hi Wagnbat,

These giclee canvases are printed with semi-gloss ink, and are then wrapped around poplar, handmade frames. There is no additional framing outside of the canvas, nor is there a covering. Hope that answers your question!

It does. Thank you much.

Hi, how will the canvas art be shipped? (package wise)

I love the Joker poster! I’d be all over the one with him in the starched whites: “Do I LOOK like someone who has a plan?”

Hey Rom,

We ship the art directly from our facility. It is wrapped in layers of craft paper and enclosed in a custom ultra-high-density corrugated cardboard box that we have made especially for shipping art.

Gauging interest: would Wooters like to see this sort of event for the Holidays?

Thanks for your input!

I think most people have limited wall space and it depends on the art as to whether or not we would justify moving something else.

Even with open space, the piece would need to ‘fit’. If it does, then it is purchased.

Don’t know if that helps. :slight_smile:

Having missed this deal the first time and really wanting the Steve Goad-Justice canvas, I would love to see this deal pop up again.