Fine Art at it's Finest



A few classics to adorn your wall. Who is your artist of choice?


Monet, but I want like 4 different ones. I need to get home and bust out the measuring tape…


Fine Art at ITS Finest. No apostrophe!


Exactly. BOOOOO Woot.


Typically Renoir, but Monet out of this particular selection.



Yes. Ouch.


We need more art on Woot. Hopefully there’ll be more after Christmas when I have some money.


Usually after the holidays I have a lot less money. Perhaps I need to work out a better strategy.


If you go straight to the source,, the art is a few dollars cheaper…until you enter the coupon code ‘get23’ which gives you 23%, making everything WAAAAAY cheaper on the original source then on woot…mailing it in for the holidays woot?


Let’s see some links!


Through today, Dec 4th, if you use the code save20, you get 20% off, making it cheaper to order direct than through woot. I’m going to try the save23 and see if that helps even more…

Woot has done a really, and I mean REALLY, bad job on pricing… But icanvasart is getting some money from me that they wouldn’t have b/c I saw this deal up here, so guess they can thank woot for that.

Oh, they have a huge selection and a very large variety of sizes, even screens and others funky sizes.

So there is your link… Hope Woot can do substantially better next time. Oh, by the way, even with shipping & tax, it’s still lower pricing than woot, before you add the $5 for shipping.


PS: Save23 has expired, but save20 has not.


the code is get23 for the win


Hey, Sal, how come they ain’t no brothas on the wall?


Read the comment for “The Scream”


Well that would explain it… Oh well. I could have saved 2 more dollars on my order yesterday. Maybe I’ll just have to place another order, they have a couple of other items I’d like. Too bad woots prices are about 15% higher than the direct from vendor prices… Shame shame shame on you woot!!!

[EDIT: get23 does in fact work, yeah :slight_smile: My guest bedroom is now decorated…]


Hint? Are you sure you weren’t staring at that painting for too long??? :wink:

BTW, some other good reasons to buy from the source instead of from woot:

● Ships in 24 Hours (should receive by the 25th, vs 12/11/12 for what I ordered direct.)
● Lifetime Warranty (only 90 days from Woot.)
● Free Hanging Accessories
● Free Return Shipping
● 60 day Money Back
● Free Shipping Insurance


Hmmm. Bought a ton of stuff off Woot. Major disappointment knowing the 2 I just bought cost me $298 vs $226 from the link provided above.

Woot - are you going to address this? I know historically you have normally made good by beating a verified price.

Email sent to cancel my order unless addressed!


Hello Woot support - are you out there?