Compaq Presario 2.8Ghz Desktop


Welcome to the Compaq Presario Desktop topic page for Tuesday, August 24th. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Compaq Presario Desktop here.


if i am on at 1am i clearly already own a pc.

First post 2 nights in a row. But i would like to take this post to make 2 comments.
First i think you should create a woot countdown.
Second I think you should reconsider your start time for sales. Yes I live in ny.
This is the last time i stay up untill 1am to try to see the woot item becuase honestly i dont feel like getting out a credit card at 1 and typing that crap in. i love the deals at woot but i find it impossible to participate in them. As far as woot is concerned they are selling out and making money so they dont need to change a thing. but this is probably the last time i will be staying up. i will be checking woot in the morning at 8 o’clock or 9 and if it isnt sold out then great but if it is screw it.
Good night everybody.

My current woot countdown (actually count up) system




Not a bad deal…too bad I have too many pc’s already.


Not a bad price, refurbed, but the name says it all: Compaq



Now to go back and see what exactly I bought. I just checked enough details to make the decision. It’s nothing all too great, but a decent deal for a spare general use PC. Which is what I could use


eh…its a Compaq…

I could do better with custom parts


First post…?

Gak…Refurb Compaq…
Lukewarm deal #1…soooooooo good deal on Thursday??? :shock:


Official price = 294.99

Not bad deal… but i HATE Compaq heh


Looks like another great deal. Would jump on it if I had the cash.


Official woot Price $294.99




Great price! (294.00)

But … at the end of the day, its still a Compaq.

I’ll just keep hitting refresh until midnight again …
Keep up the good work Woot!



Well then Einstein…go to bed. You have to get up early in the morning. :lol:


haha or not :wink:

well looks like it’s bedtime, nooo $300 to waste


This is actually a great deal if you want to rip out components or add others.

No idea what videocard is in there, or is it using onboard?

I’m tempted to get one just to make a PVR for the living room.


$370 on Froogle. Not a bad deal on woot, saving $70 or so, but alas, not for me.

23 hours, 55 minutes and counting…


Not a bad deal for those without a computer. Let’s see you people build this cheaper and I want proof! (last time a compaq came up ppl said they could buold cheaper, well let’s see on this one!)

h00ty h00 w00t!


Great price… If you don’t have a computer or have a crappy one and you don’t mind buying brand PC’s I’d hop on this one.



Ah well, time for bed, and to dream about tomorrow’s Woot, which I might really want!