Conair Pro 20-Piece Cord/Cordless Kit

Perfect for Manscaping

between this and the king of shaves my hairs better look out.

Carry case = great for travel, although face it, once it is out of the case, it isn’t going back in, until the wife yells at me to put it back.

Hmmm… Wonder if this is any good… Can’t seem to find any reviews.

Anyone know if this is good for shaving… you know… without risking damage to… you know…

There is nothing like a home-haircut to build respect from your kids- especially the girls.

Once you fire-up the buzz clippers and the little uns’ see that wild look in your eyes- they’ll know you mean business.

Yes, dad…

what exactly restricts this product from shipping to al, hi, or apo’s?

[MOD: The restriction to PO, APO, and FBO are being removed. See this post for more info.]

One of these and a few beers and maybe I’ll give myself that Mohawk I always thought would look good on me.

Pictures, please.

Great for finishing up after you attempt to use the King of Shaves.

Bought the EXACT unit at Walmart yesterday for $19.44

I got one, I need my hair cut been over 3 years since I had it cut. It is almost down to my waise. I will cut and save it until I go to the 50th class reunion this summer and take it and a bottle of glue and cover up the bald heads.
Not same 1 at walmart

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WalMart claims 22 vs Woot 20 pieces. I think the difference is WalMart seems to come with scissors.

Wally World: Conair 22 piece Cordless/Rechargeable Haircut Kit:

Features & Benefits:
Includes 10 guide combs 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8",1", left ear and right ear guide combs
Includes barber scissors
Includes 2 styling clips, barber comb, styling comb,barber cape
Cleaning brush and neck brush
Deluxe protective storage case

Anyone know what kinda batteries are in this thing and the voltage?

I’ve have my whale trimmer for well over 5 years but the cordless-ness of this unit is attracting me. Just the thought that I can drop my pants anywhere and add a inch or two to my unit with out the use of a electrical receptacle gives me goosebumps. Lol

My concern is the advertising 35 minute run time. If they advertise 35, maybe it’s 30 when new. Given a year it’s probably down to 20/25 when fully charged- but the reality is I won’t keep it fully charged before I use it so it won’t be at full charge. Don’t want it dying in the middle and having to plug it in defeats it being cordless to begin with.

inb4 FLOWBEE comparisons

No bowl? How am I going to replicate the hairstyles me parents gave me on my kids?

What sort of home haircut kit doesn’t come with a bowl? Grrr.