Counting Sheep



YAY!!! Congrats, kevlar!


Good news! change it to permanently and it would be GREAT! :slight_smile:


Nicely done design - congrats kevlar!


I’m trying to decide if i’m happy or sad that the riot has been called off. Congrats, Kevin!


Got out of bed because I couldn’t sleep only to find this shirt. I guess that means I need to order one…


WOOHOO! Congratulations, Kevlar! And because it’s on AA, I’m in for one! Maybe in for two? Narfcake and I were just discussing his insomnia…


They’re on AA!!! Woo-hoo!!!


So what’s going on with kid’s size 8?


Haha, abacus vs calculator?


Looks like the kid’s sizes are on Anvil and woot has had issues getting this color blank in all sizes. So kid’s size 8 isn’t in this run.


Now I don’t have to go to MrWednesday’s guest editor thread and pick this design.


What she said.


Sigh. Thank god for eternal reprints.


Congrats Kevin - great work as usual, love this.


Squeeee! Awesomely cute design + AA blanks=Take my money woot!
Now just make that temporary switch to AA permanent, pretty please :wink:


Wait! How do I know when to wear this shirt !?! Or, when not to wear this shirt ?!? What does this shirt tell the world?!? What do you call this color!?!
I base my entire buying decision on these critical questions that woot answered, until now… How will this mindless drone know to click the Buy Now button?


Actually, I’m a bit hesitant about the AA blanks - I really like the standard woot sized shirts. They fit me like a charm!



Great shirt! Makes me smile :slight_smile:

A lifetime insomniac here. Would I buy this in an S that fits properly to wear it out and about, or a larger size to sleep in? I’m aware that it’s unlikely that I’d do a lot of sleeping, so I’m conflicted…


And the Women’s XL is smaller than the regular Woot M?? Hurry up and get the regular shirts back, Woot!

Adorable sheep, tho :slight_smile: