Shirt.Woot 9th Birthday Partayyyyy

Maybe it’s finally time to acquire the 'Woot to Live" shirt.

And happy birthday you!

I miss the bag design that they had originally, the only way I see it now is when I wear my shirt.woot! shirt

6th Birthday party eh? Aren’t you supposed to wait a little longer before you start lying about your age?

So, by “9th” you actually mean “6th,” right? Because it’s shirt.woot? (Hah-ha! Yes, yesss, edit it well and quick, thou spry site monkeys!)

I still wear my St. Louis obtained 2nd bday tee with such pride and nostalgia. Finding this site has been… an indescribably good thing. Thanks for all the life yays, woot. I’m in for a tote–I need it to carry all my feels for you.

Was hoping to see a purple birthday shirt. Well, I hope to see purple shirts everyday, but a purple birthday shirt would have been awesome!

Are you kidding me Woot?

Let me get this straight, you refuse to make your designs in sweatshirts or zip up hoodies and although I am 5’4" and weigh 125 lbs I have to order a large or XL MENS shirt because your sizing is apparently only relevant to prepubescent H&M models.

UGH! Please realize your market is not Brazilian Models who are a size 0!!!

Oh, and happy birthday,

Wait, I’m 5’4" and weigh 180 and wear a men’s XL, but can fit a men’s L. It’s strange you would need the same size being so much smaller than me. Are you sure you read the size chart right?

I wasn’t aware brazilian models wore Mens size 3x. What do they model?

Huh? Current woot shirt blanks would never fit a size 0 model. I’m about your size, and I sized out of woot shirts when they switched blanks. They’re now all too big.

How sweet that shirtwoot and I have the same birthday. I hardly even want to bring up the fact that you haven’t remembered my birthday once since we started our relationship. But since you mentioned it, and since all of your other friends are getting you gifts from Spencer’s (which carries the most useful items ever), you can make up for it by just sending me a bag of random woot in XL. Cause, you know, I’m worth it.

Wait, did I just value myself at free? It’s okay, I’m good with that. The best things in life are outfitted with lasers. Or something like that.

Awwwwww yeah. I’m wearing a ladies woot tee. I’m being a Brazilian size 0 model! I’m dancing! I’m strutting! I’m revelling in tasty privilege! Feels so good, man.


Well. Now that I’m a Brazilian model, where’s my Brazilian model salary?!!!

LOVE the Happy Birthday To Us Tee!
But, white?!? On White! Any color other than white and I would buy 2… but white?
Love the images!
Shout it out if you print them on a colored shirt!

happy birthday, shirt.woot and shirt.wooters!

if you like the shirt.woot logo tees and you wear a men’s 2X, i’m currently selling two brand new black shirts with colored logos for just $8 each including shipping:

Green Exclamation Print (bottom center)
Glow-in-the-Dark Exclamation Print (top right; looks white in daylight)

if you’re interested, send me a private message. i prefer payment via paypal for quick, secure transactions; if you do not have an account, i’ll be happy to walk you through the ultra-easy steps to set one up.

don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, and happy wooting, everyone…

Here at Chez House o’ Parrots, we chant “Hippo birdy two ewes, hippo birdy two ewes, hippo birdy Woot munkees, hippo birdy it’s news!”

The City Museum was worth the 6 hour drive but the Shirt.woot party was the icing on the 8bit cupcake logo.


Does the black woot! mark shirt have the glow in the dark exclamation mark?
Like this -

Huh? I’m a tiny bit shorter than you 5’ 3.5" and at least 10 pounds heavier. I wore a Women’s Medium in the American Apparel shirts that fit well but was tight. The Anvil Women’s Small and either Men’s Small fit without stretching across the chest and are loose everywhere else.

Also, this sale is birthday shirts one through five. Where’s the one for this year?


Happy Birthday Shirt.Woot! This is where it all started for me, with random shirts and cute shirts to wear to class. Gainful employment has lead to purchases in other areas, and much less t-shirt wearing, but you’ll always be my first and hold a special place in my heart.