Sport Shirt - 5 Pack

No pocket…no buy!

The 80’s called and they want their shirts back.

I love the last picture… but this is a rather disappointing woot.

Now that’s just silly… Good price for that many shirts, though. People like random shirts around here, right?

Thanks for the joke Amazon… now show us the real product… you know an electronic device or tool… you know a WOOT! kind of product.

And you can tell because there’s no free shipping.


This must be for all the wooters who complain about losing two for Tuesday :wink:

Work shirts for P.E. coaches. Sweet… or is it P.E. teachers? Whatever. Coach Phelps and Coach Burns LIVED in shirts like this back in my day.

*all shirts purchased at local thrift stores and repackaged for your wooting pleasure

I would get this, but I fear I would get one of those blue shirts.

These will be great for my interview as towel boy at the car wash next week.

How absorbent are these and will they scratch my car?

The price is amazing, they go for about $7 EACH wholesale. The Gildan shirts are higher quality than Jerzees, in general.

Are these actually “polo” shirts, or is the term “polo shirt” a registered trademark that can’t be used here?

You might be cool, but you’ll never be 5 popped collars cool.

I am a 38 year old white male with three kids.

These were destined to be mine.

Woot! I need this shipped to me by next Friday, dang it Smart Post! I have a week long event that I have to wear civilian clothes to and this is the dress code…ah!

You could dress up as employees from a variety of different stores!

FINALLY, the gift for the man who has everything.