Short-Sleeve Men's T-Shirt – 5 Pack

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Short-Sleeve Men’s T-Shirt - 5 Pack
$7.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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So one Dyson and zero camcorders?

I did pretty good last time with this one, only one plastic (polyester) shirt.

Wow, I blinked and missed three items.

Great deal. Bought 3 at last Woot-off. Now I need a gazillion hangars.

I picked up 3 of these last time - Excellent for donations.

I am disappoint…

Just in time for winter! Hooray.

Wow, where’s the pause button?! Items are selling out fast & furious.

These will be great with winter right around the corner.

I may have actually gotten this if it came in any normal sizes.

30 second woots !! yay

Not bad but look at the sizes available. I guess I could buy them for some practice doing my Incredible Hulk impression!

wow… nothing in my size… at all. Small? Medium? NOTHING. I like my shirts snug, but not like XS-wearing a child’s shirt skin-tight.

No Medium?

some many t-shirts and only one person… :slight_smile:

Not buying because I don’t need them, but the last time I did buy this offer I was actually surprised. They were decent shirts and I’d wear 4 of the 5.

XXXL ??? Now I don’t have to wear pants :slight_smile: