Short-Sleeve Men's T-Shirt – 5 Pack

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Short-Sleeve Men’s T-Shirt - 5 Pack
$7.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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buy 3 packs and it’s $1.93 per shirt?? Yowza that’s a deal!

aw man. no 4X?

i waited up for this?

I recommend these t-shirts based on 30+ years of experience working in a close environment with clothing of all kind, having spent much of my time with t-shirt and t-shirt related articles.

if you wear shirts.

DAMN IT! I accidentally only bought one. Still a good deal.

Why would they even dye the thing this puke-green color??

I got these once before… 4 were cotton, one was 50/50 cotton/poly.

Each 5 pack was identical to each other.

This signals the end of the Woot-off for me. I sleep to Woot another day.

back to my last plan…

“I will buy one of these if two people can get three people to buy one. And those three people can do the same deal, as long as they recruit two people to buy one of these. Wootkiller solved via pyramid scheme.”

Ready? ok, get started!

(It worked wonders for the last stagnating item)

Because that’s what your avatar is wearing.

Pass. The super soft combed cottoney goodness that is the USA-made shirt.woot tee has spoiled me.

No medium’s

where not wear

At this price, these could make good rags for washing the car.

and no XXL’s.

Gah, I’d be in for three if I knew they’d all be Hanes.

My mistake sir.