Less is More


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Once you get your shirt, why don’t you post a pic?

Whoa… this looks different. Still very cute though, congrats :smiley:

Weren’t the colors on this much brighter before? Either way, congrats :smiley:

ah the good old days

Grats on the print, Bitesized. Nicely done, coming from behind.

I nearly bought this one. the concept is so solid, and the artwork fits perfectly with that concept… but it’s too close to the holidays for me to put my bank account in jeopardy.

congrats on the print though, I was rooting for this shirt since I saw it.

Oooh, hopefully I can get me some more cash so I can order this shirt. I like it :]

im usually more the type to buy the obnoxious shirts but this concept is too well-done to pass up. in for one :slight_smile:

ARGGGH… I can’t afford it… ARRGGGHHH…



“Don’t wear this shirt: while you’re tripping on acid. You may never come back.”
So they condone tripping on acid whist not wearing this shirt? l­ol

On another note, I think It’s really cute. Which is a shame cuz I prefer the “big scary manly shirts” Grrr >:3

I was hoping that this shirt would get a place in the top 3!!!

In for one.

The power of imagination, love it!

Great description :slight_smile:

Even growing up as a teenager, toys have become so much more engaging (video games for instance) that they leave nothing to the imagination…Problem much? Who can know…

This is one of the best concept shirts in recent memory! Love it!

This I super cute! Congrats on the print! I just don’t like wearing black shirts, but I really like your design!

in for one, this is sweeet, haha

It’s not black, it’s navy.

Being navy, though, it might take away from the blue printing a bit. I was expecting it to be on black, but I’m in for one anyhow. I was worried it wouldn’t place, and it should have been at least 2nd. Best concept design I’ve ever seen on woot.

Maybe that’s why the colors look different.

love this!

I like the light-on-dark combinations (i.e. light blue on dark blue, light green on dark green, etc.) and it should print fine.

I really like this design. The style is great all around and the idea is excellent. I would buy this, except the upcoming weekend looks to be expensive for me, and I find that I tend to wear my artsy and my joke shirts more often than my super-cute ones. Male tendencies, I guess.