Sci-Fi Weenie Roast



eh?.. maybe for kirk’s family reunion.


fast food…


The design does look pretty cool, but it’s also kinda weird.


Weenies do not orbit AROUND anything, sir. Weenies are the CENTER of the universe.


Neat design, wouldn’t wear.


I like weeinies and I like sci-fi, i’m in for 1


awesome sold out in 1 hour i bet!!! i got 1


On week 3 and still no 3x shirts. come on woot. I would have bought 6 of these shirts if they had them in a size that would fit me.


aww where are the buns?


i cant buy another shirt? can I?


good to wear to a sausage party


this’s just plain weird.
I though that of the Sea-Chimp; now that looks normal (and I’m wearing that one now). gota think about this one.


cool if your still in 5th grade


you mean sawsage-fest


I wish multiple shirt colors were offered per design…


I’m not really a big fan of wearing wieners all over my chest.


NERDY TOLEDO!!! I have as one of my firefox tabs as well as However if they keep offering these absolutely nerdy shirts, forget it. I understand a lot of wooters are nerds but alot of us could use some new shirts we could actually take out in public as well. To each his own I guess and if this makes great business sense for woot, then I guess I have no footing to stand on.


Most AWESOME shirt yet - but with four cats black is not a good shirt color for me


The shirt color is a PART of THE DESIGN.
This’s ART.